Lemonade – Beyonce Album Review

For me personally, Beyonce (2013) will be forever be the Album of All Albums. Those tracks, those videos, the way Beyonce performed them, the remixes? It was transformative in a way. She transformed as an artist, and I think the album transformed others. I wrote an article about Life Lessons We Can All Learn From […]

Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy

I read a comment about Natalie Tran, one of the first and my old favorite YouTubers, the first to hit millions in view- and subscriber counts. It struck a cord with me. In this topic, “that being said, I think she is her own worst enemy, as her irregular upload schedule, vague promises of new content, […]

How To Do A Mindset Challenge

zomg so deep (pic by Aline Bouma)  Like what I said before in my how to destroy a negative thought article, I believe our mind should be a good place. We should have the right mindset for our lives, one that helps you feel good and helps you be productive, kind, helpful and awesome all-around. But […]

How to get rid of the Crab Mentality

Badly Drawn Crab is judging you. Wikipedia & Urban Dictionary, trustworthy sources for life knowledge (but NOT for academic writing) tell me that the crab mentality is a (social) psychology phenomenon based on what happens with crabs in a bucket. The crabs could easily escape from said bucket (as they’re climbing all on and over […]

Journaling Your Goals – Catherine Joy Perkins

A million years ago, I read an ebook that I think anyone who loves journaling and planning would enjoy. Journaling Your Goals – Catherine Joy Perkins. But of course, I got distracted and never wrote about it. Luckily I remember things from time to time, and then I act on it. (Now if ONLY I […]