You Don’t Have To Do Anything

(picture by Andrew) A couple of days ago, I was having a conversation with a reader I know. I don’t know all of you, but I know some of you. Via comments, emails, the occasional coaching session. Sure, you may have more information about me, but don’t think for a second that I do not […]

Balanzs Chakra Workshop

Two week ago, after brunch at Crunch (don’t order the scrambled eggs) and cava at Clarence*, Lin and I towed through cold The Hague to the Balanzs Chakra Workshop. The Balanzs yoga studios (The Hague and Rotterdam) are nice and they offer different types of yoga and workshop. We would be doing a workshop on […]

My favourite Steve Pavlina quotes, part II

When I first started out on this website, I kind of wanted to be like Steve Pavlina. But a girl. And not as controversial. And not (as) into BD/SM and dominant-submissive relationships. Point is, Steve, one of the biggest self developmental bloggers out there (even though his website looks like shit), has said many an […]

How to Win At Making Friends

So. You met someone. They’re nice. Funny. Easy to talk to. Their .GIF usage is ON POINT. BUT. You do NOT want to take them out, you do NOT want their pants off. You just wanna hang out! Have a drink! Share a pizza, and maybe have a drink! Isn’t it weird that this can […]

Bullet Journal Basics – Classic Bullet Journaling

I don’t do much requests. Unless I’m drunk and you have ‘My Heart Will Go On’ on your karaoke machine. But after the many times people ask me about bullet-journaling AND my original article being bugged and filtered by my security system, I figured I’d do a quick walkthrough of the Bullet Journal Basics. After […]