My Bullet Journal in 2016

I promised I would give you an update on using a Bullet Journal and therefore I will! Long overdue, but hey. It’s like a period: I don’t see the problem as long as you get it in the end. My handwriting isn’t that great and there’s a lot prettier Bullet Journals out there, but this is how […]

My Reiki Practice Then & Now

(picture by Aline Bouma) My Reiki practice is probably the most woo woo, spiritual thing about me at this point. Yoga and mindfulness are super normal these days, my raw food phase is long gone (LOL, pass me the pasta please) and although I will always trust in certain elements of the Law of Attraction, […]

The Rock Clock App Review

This is one of those things you did not know you needed until it existed: Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson had created an alarm clock app with inspirational messages. …It’s called the Rock Clock. When I’m not laughing hysterically, I actually really enjoy it. Take a look.