3 Days Until 2014: 47/50

Just casually lounging around I’m not a model I swear Hi guys! Yay, Saturday and all that jazz. I for one have a very fun weekend ahead of me: If you’ve been reading here for a while you know I have three cousins that I absolutely worship. Since I live in Rotterdam (and they don’t) […]

6 Days Until 2014: MUCH CHRISTMAS*

 The present on the right is for me. Manfriend only put it under the tree yesterday because he knows how much I hate it when people torture me with their upcoming gifts (seriously, dick move). So, it’s only been here since yesterday and it’s STILL driving me insane that I don’t know what it is. […]

NEW E-BOOK: Habits!

Hi guys! I’m very much enjoying my Do-Nothing Challenge this weekend! So there is no extra challenge for you today either. Just relax. Enjoy the things and people around you. However….If you want to read more written by yours truly, or if you want to create your own challenge in terms of habit change, that […]

13 Days Until 2014: 37/50.

Hiiiii. This is going to be the shortest article ever, with the least thought or effort I have ever put into something on-line. Get tissues and prepare to cry over the decreased quality of my blog, at least for a little while. But I have been at work all day, just had dinner and I […]