2013 Revolutions: Give Power To The Right Part.

A memorable trick I picked up from Steve Pavlina’s website is shifting your personal power to your ‘better’ side. Hold onto your hats. For example, we tend to think on the one hand “Oh, I want to exercise.” and on the other we think “Meh, I’ll stay on the couch tonight.”  But what part of […]

2013 Revolutions: First, Accept Where You Are.

Self development and improvement requires being brutally honest with yourself. You gotta be able to own up to your own shit and your own showstoppers. If you stubbornly refuse to acknowledge you’re at point A, you can’t move to point B. Got temper tantrums and rage issues? Don’t tell yourself you’re a docile little flower. […]

Positive Thinking: Catchphrases.

I am pretty much a Self Help Jukebox. Throw in a cute compliment and I will pop out your request sooner or later. Admittedly, mostly later but that’s just because sometimes I need to let things stir for a little bit. In this article where I wrote about training yourself to work with your own thoughts I recommended […]

Self Helping During The Holidays.

There is so much fun stuff going on in the last week of December, don’t you think? Christmas for one thing. With all the unnecessary mocking and hating I do on wintertimes, I have always loved Christmas. ‘Voluntarily’ going to church with my parents and pointing out the people feeling asleep during the sermon to my […]

The Art Of Gratitude (Lists)!

So I have Instagram (and let’s quickly step over the unnecessary Instagram drama everyone including yours truly got into last week) and I really like it. Next to the embarassing increase in pictures I take of myself and the food I eat, I also do this #gratitude thing. #Gratitude: I love making lists and I […]

My Thoughts on Rauw & Rawer.

Watch out, I’m totally going to have an opinion about this. This is about Francis Kenter, the Raw Food Mom, and the tv documentaries about her and her son Tom. In the documentaries, you see their raw food lifestyle and the battle with child protective services that ensued after the media got a hold of […]

Treasure Chest Recap!

WHOOPS – Sorry! Had a major case of (Letting) Life Get In The Way last week. Which is ironic because usually the Internet gets in the way of life instead of the other way around. Especially in my case. Anyway, you can find my apology right here, and if you can take a joke: here. […]

Self Help Hipster, Skepticism And Science.

Verena asked me some questions a little while ago, about the potential issues with my whole spirituality and self help deal and my education and career in psychology. How do I handle the scientific skepticism that is installed in me due to my education? And how do I respond to scientific-minded people who think I’m […]

Self Help Book Parade: Goals!

Whenever Manfriend sees this book lying around the living room, he rolls his eyes at it. I don’t blame him: It’s the most American-looking self help book I own. I mean…the ALL CAPS title, the subtitle, the super-American smile of the author Brian Tracy..But hey, if we have learnt one thing from cheesy sayings and […]