13 Days Until 2014: 37/50.

Hiiiii. This is going to be the shortest article ever, with the least thought or effort I have ever put into something on-line. Get tissues and prepare to cry over the decreased quality of my blog, at least for a little while. But I have been at work all day, just had dinner and I […]

14 Days Until 2014: 36/50.

With Manfriend having a day off from work and me working from home, we had the unexpected luxury of spending the morning together. Which means I just stay in bed with him a little longer. I’m always wide awake and browsing Tumblr while Manfriend trains for his Sleep-a-thon. The man is always going for a […]

17 Days Until 2014: 33/50

(If you don’t, don’t worry about it. Leo Babauta doesn’t have any goals either and he’s doing pretty good.) At the workshop today I was giving a bunch of book recommendations, including Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog and Goals. Brian Tracy is a favorite self help- and time management authority of mine. Eat That Frog […]