17 Days Until 2014: 33/50

(If you don’t, don’t worry about it. Leo Babauta doesn’t have any goals either and he’s doing pretty good.) At the workshop today I was giving a bunch of book recommendations, including Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog and Goals. Brian Tracy is a favorite self help- and time management authority of mine. Eat That Frog […]

21 Days Until 2014: 29/50

Doing what you love in life? Great. Excellent, actually. Love what you do. Lots of the time. Make life as puppy-and-rainbow-and-positivity-ridden as possible. But in order to enjoy doing all these fun things, in order to even attain those things in the first place? There is also a lot of non-sparkly shit you gotta do.

22 Days Until 2014: 28/50

(I actually don’t encourage Blair Waldorf Manipulative Bitch behavior.But then again: You gotta hand it to the girl, she does make sure things get done. Admirable.)  We all have people we look up to, people that inspire us. They have a greatness that we recognize and appreciate. We consider them special. That, dear reader, is […]

24 Days Until 2014: 26/50

When I posted this picture of a new body butter with a cup of coffee, using the caption Treat Yo’ Self, Femke immediately responded with “Is this today’s assignment?!” I was like “Actually no…but THANK YOU for a brilliant idea that I can use later!!” Later, sparkly pants reader (it’s a cute nickname go with it)…is today.