My Favorite Steve Pavlina Quotes:

I’ve told you before that my favorite self help book is Steve Pavlina’s Self Development For Smart People. For those of you who are interested have no clue what I am talking about right now, this is my old book-review of Self Development For Smart People. I also talked about it again here. What is special about this […]

Bikram Blog Post: #2 and #3

Bikram blog time. Okay, the second week was pretty good. I found it pretty easy to get used to always having a yoga mat and bag with my gear on me again and I rediscovered a little more why I love my yoga practice so much: I always come out energized, even when I’m sore […]

My (Almost) Daily Self Help.

(Smiling. Best and easiest mood enhancing trick for both you and the people around you!) Like I said before, if you don’t start using what you read about, reading self help books is more self distraction than actual self helping. It’s good to read: It’s fun, what’s on the pages that resonates with you is […]

Bikram Blog Post #1.

Bikram blog post. I am a totally lenient person when it comes to most of what I do. I eat healthy enough during the week that if I happen to crave junk food and an artificially flavored cocktail heavily laced with sugar on Saturday, I have zero issue and zero guilt about indulging. Accept, enjoy, […]

My Annoying Love Stuff Advice.

Lately I have been getting quite some requests for advice on like, Love Stuff. Which is funny because I am actually not very loveydovey when it comes to Love Stuff advice. BUT. The fact that I am not really the right person to ask Love Stuff Questions actually makes me a great person to ask Love […]

Major Monday Make-Up Post!

Well guys…I am finally out of my funk! I’d go into my whole inner emotional turmoil, but actually I really don’t want to so I’m skipping that therapy-moment for now. Luckily, after giving my Law of Attraction workshop Saturday, I felt like my normal self again. Finally. I am still absolutely glowing from the company […]

5 Fun Feel Good Monday Tips!

1. Make a ‘Me’ Word Cloud. Sometimes it’s real easy to lose track of what you’re made of and what’s important to you, like when you’re stressed or freaked out or really busy. A fun and simple way to get back to that is by making a visual representation of words that mean a lot […]

Law of Attraction Lecture The 26th!

So what happened was, after this post in which I said this: “Now, for anyone who would still love to sign up for a Law of Attraction Workshop and be one of my dining room table buddies: More than welcome to reserve a spot already! Just send an email to because I plan to […]

The Art Of Setting Intentions

I think it’s good to be stubborn and headstrong when it comes to your mindset and how you intend to live your life. Especially if you can do it without obnoxious about it, this relisience and determination can be really good for you. After all, Besides the 24-hour circadian rhythm you’re in, you are the […]

About Gut (Feeling) and (Weird) Glory.

Not gonna lie, you guys – had a weird and rough couple of days. Now, if I was writing this blog as my 18-year old self, a supercandid oversharer, I would always give you all the ins and outs about my mishaps. I know that shit is interesting to a lot of people, and when […]