The Eyewish Eyewear Experience

My website’s mailbox is usually a clusterfuck of spam, Korean SEO companies and Nigerian princes who want to send me their money. But Ketchum PR’s email invitation to the first Eyewish fashion show, with the offer to pick out a new pair of glasses was a shining beacon of hope in my deeply unfabulous email folder.

How To Avoid Getting Stuck In A Rut

(Pro tip: try a new Tony’s Chocolonely every once a while. Don’t get stuck in a Caramel and Seasalt Rut) (Or do, because in my opinion it is a new love story every time) I am not someone who harrumphs about routines, or jokes about shooting myself in the head over habits. I see the […]

Easy Self Help: The Nice List

Being nice to ourselves is usually not very high on the priority list. Self love is easily pushed to the back burner, and we brush it off like it is something frivolous and non-essential. It’s true: We could live without it. But we won’t live as happily and healthy as we would with it. And […]

The Self Help Hipster Reader Survey

(OOTD: custom-made shirt borrowed from fabulous friend – maxi skirt ONLY – and million pound heavy cast available at any hospital near you!)  Dear angel-face reader. I’ve made a blog survey for you to fill in. It’s not about my blog and improving it, all I want to do is get to know YOU better. If you read […]

Girl Does Yoga: In September

Soooo, I was planning on doing a monthly article on the yoga classes I did that month. Lord knows I can’t do weekly Anythings, but I like monthly articles. It is the only structure on my blog I seem to be able to handle. Most of the time anyway. I had intended to write a […]

Month in Review: This was September

I am so happy I started this monthly Shit I Did stuff. It’s so nice to have a visual and elaborate documentation of 2014. It also serves as a constant reminder that I’m blessed, that the people in my life are wonderful and that I need to stop taking pictures of myself with fucking lattes […]

Self Help Hipster’s Studyspo collection

When I first found out about Studyspo, I had only one thing to say: Move over, Fitspo. At least enough so Studyspo can scoot in right next to you. From what I’ve seen smart girls want to be fit and productive, so move that disciplined, toned butt and make room for your baby sister. FITSPO Because young cool people like […]

My Favorite Work Out Places In Rotterdam

Pheuw. My work schedule is shrinking back to its regular size (most of the time anyway), and that medium-size fit there suddenly seems so much more room for activities! Even fitness activities! I enjoy exercising, but honestly? When I’m busy, I need to chill more than I need to move. So screw it: If I’m tired and […]

Albert Heijn Super Juices Are Bullshit: Review

So, I was bored one day, went grocery shopping and came home with Albert Heijn’s super juices. I love green juice – I make it myself a few times a week. But it requires some time and effort, and sometimes it’s easier to just grab something on the go: that’s when juices like this can […]