DailyLin’s Run & Juice Club.

Soooooo, I run. A little. Well, I say ‘run’, but let’s not overstate things. It’s more like a jog. A sad jog. That I only do it a little is true, though. I only lap a leisurely 3,5K every once a few weeks, I have no idea about how much time one k takes me, […]

My Seven Favorite Vegan Essentials.

Simplify your (attempt at) vegan living with these seven favorite vegan essentials: The ingredients you need that make your (partially) plant-based diet easier and more delicious. Click ‘read more’ to read my great advertising for a bunch of products I like to use in my day-to-day diet.

Pomodoro Technique Book Review.

I have always been fascinated half assed user of the Pomodoro Technique. The Pomodoro technique is basically just setting a timer, working until the timer goes off, having a tiny break and continuing. …OR SO I THOUGHT. Turns out there is an entire freaking website, countless articles and…A BOOK. I decided to read the book. Here […]

My Favorite Vegan Salads.

My favorite vegan salads. Requested a bunch, so I turned it into a thing. With terrible names, idiotic recipes and zero measurements. (Because why remember the amounts of anything life is meaningless and we’re ALL GONNA DIE ANYWAY can you tell I watched a Lars von Trier movie) Anyway. Take a look.

Monday Motivation: Discipline Posts Recap.

I read this article by Lisanne on making sure your old content doesn’t go to waste and I thought I’d do something inspired: Make a recap of my discipline posts! Oldies but goodies. Like Hugh Laurie and Idris Elba (prrrrr). Anyway. I hope they serve you well this Monday morning — although they’re not as sexy as the oldies but goodies […]

Bootcamp Club 8 Weeks 2 Yoga Fit

When I think of bootcamp, I think of two things. One, this guy. Two, my sister-in-law not being able to sit down without grunting like the Hulk. She had just done bootcamp the day before and was sore three ways to Sunday. I thought she was being a baby about it, but then I tried it […]

Yoga Festival Haarlem 2014: Ticket Give Away!

  I was invited to come check out Yoga Festival Haarlem upcoming 5th and 6th of July. All these different types of yoga, massages, and a yoga-themed food court? Obviously this sounds terrible to me. Not at ALL like something I would enjoy. Just, awful. But I’m a people-pleaser, so I begrudgingly told the organisation […]