Pictures & Bullet Points: New York

What do you need for a fantastic time in New York? A friend with an apartment in downtown Brooklyn, two adorable cats, a subway card, concerning but comfortable temperatures, some sight seeing, lots of working out and a crazy purchase. Travel report in pictures and bullet points.

This was 2015: Quick Recap

(pic by Mariet)  Yooooo, I sat on a plane for 7,5 hours and after watching Trainwreck*, Inside Out** and Pitch Perfect 2***, I needed something to do that didn’t require a screen so I wrote a thing about the past year. If you’re not fully saturated by everyone blabbering on about their year, click for […]

Self Help Hipster Podcast S01E04

New Podcast episode! You can listen to all the podcasts and subscribe right here, show notes below! SHOW NOTES  BOOK REVIEW – We talk about Eat That Frog (you can buy it here*), and we’ll be reviewing You’re A Badass next episode (available here*, and a steal!) CHIT CHAT Andrew’s beautiful new website, including his article […]

How To Win At Sex

So. You’ve won the breakup, you have won at dating, and your date is really cute and into you. Now you want to make out with his face and maybe climb him like a tree. Or make out with her face and climb her like a girl-tree. Whatever way you’re swinging. I’m here to help you do that […]

Time Log App: The FocusTimer App!

Tumblr is my favorite resource for studyspo: It’s always cute infographs, funny truths and handy tips galore down there. Last week I learnt about the FocusTimer app, which is a timer that requires you to put your phone facedown or else it does not start. I liked the idea of putting your phone facedown, eliminating distractions and time logging, so […]