How To Win At Sex

So. You’ve won the breakup, you have won at dating, and your date is really cute and into you. Now you want to make out with his face and maybe climb him like a tree. Or make out with her face and climb her like a girl-tree. Whatever way you’re swinging. I’m here to help you do that […]

Time Log App: The FocusTimer App!

Tumblr is my favorite resource for studyspo: It’s always cute infographs, funny truths and handy tips galore down there. Last week I learnt about the FocusTimer app, which is a timer that requires you to put your phone facedown or else it does not start. I liked the idea of putting your phone facedown, eliminating distractions and time logging, so […]

Girl Does Yoga: Practice Makes Practice

The Exercise Every Day Challenge has been great great for my yoga practice in two different ways. One, I did a lot of yoga classes in August and September. Consistently. Which is good. Second, I do a lot of little yoga sequences at home, which makes me do different postures. Which is good. It’s also […]

De Groene Meisjes BOOK Review.

Oh boy, oh boy. THE GREEN GIRLS WROTE A BOOK. And I’ve been excited about it for MONTHS, so you’re just going to have to SUCK IT UP while I finally let loose the hurricane OF WORDS about two of my friends writing A BOOK.

How To Adopt A Long Term Approach

One of the most iconic psychological studies, is the Marshmallow Experiment (Mischel & Ebbesen, 1972): A researcher would put a kid in front of a marshmallow, go “I have to go for a minute, if you wait with eating the marshmallow, you’ll get ANOTHER ONE. How AWESOME is that?! Okay gotta go bye.” and leave […]

Self Evaluation Exercise: Checking In With Yourself

I believe in order for us to live our best lives, as our best selves, we need to take time for some introspection and some self reflection: Trying to objectively assess what is going on with you lately. Taking a good look at your life and what you’re doing with it. It’s very easy to […]