Girl Does Yoga: Practice Makes Practice

The Exercise Every Day Challenge has been great great for my yoga practice in two different ways. One, I did a lot of yoga classes in August and September. Consistently. Which is good. Second, I do a lot of little yoga sequences at home, which makes me do different postures. Which is good. It’s also […]

De Groene Meisjes BOOK Review.

Oh boy, oh boy. THE GREEN GIRLS WROTE A BOOK. And I’ve been excited about it for MONTHS, so you’re just going to have to SUCK IT UP while I finally let loose the hurricane OF WORDS about two of my friends writing A BOOK.

How To Adopt A Long Term Approach

One of the most iconic psychological studies, is the Marshmallow Experiment (Mischel & Ebbesen, 1972): A researcher would put a kid in front of a marshmallow, go “I have to go for a minute, if you wait with eating the marshmallow, you’ll get ANOTHER ONE. How AWESOME is that?! Okay gotta go bye.” and leave […]

Self Evaluation Exercise: Checking In With Yourself

I believe in order for us to live our best lives, as our best selves, we need to take time for some introspection and some self reflection: Trying to objectively assess what is going on with you lately. Taking a good look at your life and what you’re doing with it. It’s very easy to […]

The Pip: Review & Give Away!

Yes! Where all the Fitbit bracelets, Apple Watches and heart rate monitors focus on health & fitness, the Pip focuses solely on a very important aspect of our life we need to manage just as much…Stress. Galvanic sent me a package with my very own Pip. And I got to unpack, marvel and test it out. […]