My Own Manifesting: May.

I talk an excellent game about manifesting the things you want. I can even drag up a substantial amount of evidence how the Law of Attraction has worked for me up until now in my life. But a good preacher shows how she practices too, non?

And excuse me, but I want to be an Epically Awesome Preacher. So how about I take you through how practice what I preach?

I love making lists and manifesting things. Why? Because I can. Because sometimes there is nothing good on TV. Because I figured that even if it doesn’t happen (right away), there’s no harm in it. And of course the most important reason of all: because it’s so incredibly fun! It’s such an enjoyable process!

The list below includes the things I want to manifest during the upcoming time. Although I’m not very good at the *poof!*-factor of the Law of Attraction (which means I’ll be definitely be experiencing some delays in some) we can check back here in June to see if I’ve been able to attract these things. So you can see if I come up with evidence or if I’ve been talking out of my ass this whole time. 😉

Let’s make a list, shall we? Fun!

Money & Wealth: I want to attract money. I want to be a money magnet, attracting coins, bonuses and unexpected financial opportunities wherever I go.

Before I move on: I’m not focusing on the financial aspect because I’m poor. I make enough money and what’s more important I feel wealthy every day in most aspects of my life. I’m doing it because my earlier Project Penny is one of the best ways to show you how the Law of Attraction works. I have a jar ready for the coins, as we speak and I’m going to keep a log on the other extras.

Health & Fitness: I want to attract shitloads of exercise and healthy foods this month. Of course that means yoga and plenty of time to do that, but also time to juice, opportunities to exercise, prepare super healthy foods and maybe the possibility for a iHerb superfood order. Also, I’d very much to see my abdominal muscles make a comeback before summer, so thanks a bunch sweetpea Universe. 

Love & Friendship: I want my life to overflow with love and affection, basically. I want to feel love around me constantly. I want me and my boyfriend to get even closer, talk to each other earnestly and share lots of happy moments. I want to feel connected to my best friend all the time. I want to take the time to catch up and spend quality time with my other friends.

Work & Writing: I want to work with enthusiasm and positive energy, be as productive and effective as I can. I want to attract inspiration and a pro-active attitude both in my job as behind my computer for writing. I want inspired action and an excellent performance review.

Beauty & Fashion: I want to feel comfortable and attractive in what I wear. I want to attract beautiful and luxurious things in terms of clothes&make-up. My outer appearance is a reflection of my inner being: I want to do that justice. I want to be surprised by cool and gorgeous items and maybe find a new perfect jeans and a high-quality white T-shirt.

Miscellaneous Specifics (because they’re easy to spot and to check off the list)

  • An interesting new person to be friends with.
  • Champagne!
  • Young Thai coconuts for smoothies and coconut water
  • A festival ticket
  • Poetry fridge magnet set (always wanted one!)
  • Raw honey (can’t find it anywhere!)
  • A plant for in the dining room.

I’m putting on my best attractive buzz as we speak: curious, excited and trusting. Let’s get to it.

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