Oct 312012

Sometimes all a girl needs is a cute notebook, am I right?

What you should know about me is that I get totally high on office supply. Few things make me happier than notebooks, post-it notes and markers. I should tell Manfred to bring home a bouquet of pens instead of flowers.

I am always writing things down, so I usually carry around 2-3 different notebooks: One big A4-format for guest articles, blogs and other writing, a smaller one for random stuff, short things and articles when I don’t want to whip out the big one and probably one I forgot about.

I used to be all about the Moleskines but ever since my first Paperblank, I am leaning towards Paperblank. I like the clean, simple look of the Moleskines, very Hemingway and old-school writer and what not. However, I find the Paperblank paper stronger, prettier and way more comfortable to write on. And let’s be serious, the covers are all to die for. (If you’re unfamiliar with the Paperblank notebooks, take a peek here at the array of Paperblanks¬†and be amazed)

A few weeks ago I bought this Paperblank, with special purpose: For manifesting, gratitude, goals and happiness only.

See, I have been sort of slacking in the whole Manifesting, Positive Attitude Harvesting and Goal Setting Arena. Not that I don’t do it, but I have not been doing it as faithfully as I used to, and a lot less on paper. And I know that if you want to give something extra ‘oomph’ (whether it’s a goal, a dream, a Universal wish list or even a To-Do List), writing down is the way to go. So to give myself some incentive and give my manifesting & proactive positivity a little kick in the butt, I decided to make this a journal specifically for this use.

And there is something powerful and almost magical about filling a notebook with all that. It basically becomes a manifesto of the things you love and want, while at the same time being a powerful tool in actually strengthening or achieving that.

And so, I’ve been slowly and steadily filling up this cute booklet. I’ve put in Universal Wish Lists, made a few worksheets from Jessica Mullen’s website, written¬†To Do Lists, goals I set for myself and very important, Gratitude Lists like the one below.

It’s not only fun and very relaxing to spend some time on this instead of hitting the refresh button on 9gag again, it’s also a great eye-opener and motivator. It’s hard to ignore what you really want to do or have when you’ve just written it down, you know?

I’m kinda wondering if I’ll notice any difference, any more ‘oomph’. But if not, at least I got to show off the cute notebook. Now I need to go see a Manfred about that pen-bouquet I was talking about earlier. Lates!

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  1. Hey there,
    Don’t know where else to write this so I’m doing it here and hope that you’ll see it. At the moment I am very preoccupied with Feminism and Feminist activism and the like. I wonder if you have a stance on this whole topic and whether you would mind writing a couple of posts about it? What do you think about gender equality/inequality? You write a lot about living in the here and now. But what are your plans for the future and how do you plan on dealing with it in the light of the continued feminist struggle? Sorry, if this comment is rather confusing. I hope you get the idea.
    Have a nice day!

    • Hi Maggie, if you had looked a little further you would have been able to contact me through the form of my Contact page as well as the email address you find there. I have no plans for the future that I believe will be limited by the continued feminist struggle, as you like to put it, so to be honest I don’t really feel I have anything to write about it yet. Maybe when I find more reason to I’ll give it a go. Have a nice day!

  2. I love it. I had a Paperblank as well and it took me two years vefore I started using it because it was so gorgeous. Now it’s filled and I want a new one!:)

  3. Ik heb Paperblank nog nooit gebruikt, mijn notitieblokjes zijn meestal heel simpel en onder de 1 euro. Maar hij is wel heel mooi!!

  4. Ooooh great, I love notebooks as well. I use a cheap version of moleskine (which was just 0,79 cents at the Action store), but I want to buy a paperblank or a real moleskine as well. It is just nice and really inspiring to actually do the things you want.

  5. Whenever I read the word ‘oomph’ I think of push up bras. There, I said it.

    • Hahaha, this comment made my day! I’ve been saying it a lot lately, but now I’m thinking maybe taking it down a notch! ;-)

  6. I had a notebook for this too, but I’m not sure where I placed it. I’m like you, notebooks are my drugs, and I own way too many of ‘em, all with specific purpose, but ending up being used for anything.

  7. I love notebooks, and I love paperblanks – I used to have a very shiny little purple diary from them and I got a rush of pleasure every time I got it out to write some boring menial task in it. I’ve been meaning to start writing more motivational things like affirmations etc down for a while but never get round to looking them up to get myself fully prepared – any advice on where to start? I’ll be searching your blog for it anyway ;)

    Frances xx

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