My (Almost) Daily Foods, Part II

The first post about my almost daily foods has been quite a while ago now. Since seasons change, people change and daily foods change, an update was in store!

Some aspects of my food are still the same, while others are different or more season inspired. Take a look at the foods I eat now that it’s fall:

First up is the kale infused green smoothies I now have pretty much every morning. Before work, before yoga, before sitting at the dining room table to write. Now that kale is in season, I buy it every week. I juice it but also use it to make this bad boy. It has replaced the raw cacao pudding you saw in the first post about my daily foods!

It consists of almond milk, rinsed kale (as much as I’m in the mood for), a banana, some lemon or lime juice, chia seeds and a frozen soft fruit like raspberries or blueberries. If I’m feeling the superfood vibe I add maca-, lucuma and/or hemp powder.

Recommendation: Make this with frozen cherries and raw cacao. Delicious!

I still eat salads for lunch. My standards pretty much still consist of cucumber, sprouts, (baby) tomatoes and avocado. I regularly add bell pepper or zuchini and I keep salads interesting by alternating the following optionals: mozarella, goat cheese, pine nuts, hemp seeds, salmon. Favorites of late are nori sheets, feta and pumpkin seeds.

I started to eat yogurt again for both protein and probiotic reasons. I used to eat yogurt every morning and evening when I was little and came to miss it! The difference is I now eat mostly soy yogurt (unless we’ve run out; then I’ll have regular), organic cereal, chia seeds, raisins and dried fruits like cranberries or goji berries (I know people who are into food combining are probably in hysterics right about now. ).

Now that I have a juicer that can handle herbs, kale and wheatgrass my juices are meaner and greener than ever. I drink 0.5-1 liter of green juice pretty much every day. I even learnt to love the taste of cilantro (combine with lime) and parsley (combine with tomato) in my juices. That’s saying quite something because my friend, those are some strong effing herbs.

I FINALLY figured out how to eat almonds. Long overdue: I know they’re superhealthy but I just find them so bland and boring. I would try to eat them plain but always ended up going ‘ugh’ or falling asleep. I do like eating them in this magical almond-fruit combo.

So now I combine them with frozen fruit, chia seeds, some dried fruit and raw cacao nibs; I often bring this to work as a snack. The goji berries soak in the juice of the raspberries or blackberries and the chia seeds make it a nice sticky little package.

Okay, you will just have to envision the end result yourself but lately I’ve been getting into beets. More specifically, beet juice: It’s a great detoxifier and works wonders on your blood. So lately, I’ve thrown 1-2 beets together with carrot- and lemon juice and drink it. It’s my go-to Β juice in the afternoon.

And of course, I still eat more bananas than an average monkey-family, drink lots of green tea and my indulge foods are still present. Less brownies, more cupcakes though. Alice in Cakeland has stolen my heart, quite rightly so as you can see from the picture. Cutest cupcakes ever.

Tell me, what do you eat almost daily? Since variety and lenience are integral parts of my healthy lifestyle, I’m almost looking for (not so) healthy inspiration. Let me know in the comments. In the mean time, I got a cupcake to kill. Kisses!

Written by SHH