Months in Review: July And August.


Man, oh man. These two months went by so freaking fast.

Want to see all the stuff I did in July and August? Click on.


JULY FIRST June ended with Awakefest; July started with a rainy Monday morning drive back from Spaarnwoude to Rotterdam. I showered, went into work and had dinner with my coworkers to celebrate the end of the academic year and commemorate some of my coworkers who were leaving.



THAILAND THEMED DINNER The weekend after I had dinner with Lin, who cooked a spectacular Thai meal as I’d fly to Thailand about 5 days later. She made mushroom-soup with coconut milk and coriander, shrimp Pad Thai and an amazing salad.

Then the bucket cocktail came out, and we played a Cards Against Humanity drinking game. Bad idea. It did scare me away from the Bucket cocktail for life, so there’s that.


(both of these coffees were for me. I needed them.) 



YOGA FESTIVAL HAARLEM I drove to Haarlem the next morning to pick up Maartje and go to the Yoga Festival. I had a lovely day with my reader-date*, the yoga and the healthy food.


DAILYLIN’S RUN AND JUICE I tagged along for Daily Lin’s Run and Juice to take pictures. It’s going really well and Lin is announcing new dates for September soon so keep an eye on that in the tag on her blog!


AIR TRAVELS Flew to Thailand with this idiot.






THAILAND And then I was in Thailand for a while.



HOME SWEET HOME PART I And then I came home. I slept four hours, had a great salad (WITHOUT peppers) and drank tea with a friend all night.





HOME SWEET HOME PART II Not gonna lie, I was super happy to be back in Rotterdam. I love living here. So after going straight back to Bikram, we had lunch with Will’s mom at Lof der Zoetheid, saw the Vanguard in the Rotterdam harbour and had a drink at Hotel New York and Posse.



HOME SWEET HOME PART III Hilariously, this is where we had lunch the next Saturday with Will’s dad.



ANGEL’S BIRTHDAY I spent a night with my friends for Angel’s birthday. Being with them is like getting into a warm nest of familiarity and memories.


REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOD I had not seen my parents and brother for 6 (!) weeks due to overlapping holidays so I was super happy to hang out with them again. I cooked dinner for all of us: mushroom risotto (what? it was cold!) and mang-zuchini salad with goat cheese and lemon oil.




BEACH WALK AND TALK I hung out with Mariet for a bit on a Thursday night! I went to her place, we had some wine, went for a really nice walk on the beach and as you can see, we had a great healthy meal afterwards.




ZOOMERAVOND On last Wednesday night I took a deep fucking breath, let work be and went to the zoo with my mom, grandmother and Will. I LOVE Blijdorp and visiting it with my family is sort of a tradition. My favorite thing this year was the pelican (real) and the ostrich (not real).


AND SO IT BEGINS I sort of skate over the details of my job a lot, but I have been working my ass off and I had two really stressful but exciting days on Thursday and Friday. It all went well, and I’m really happy about it.



  • Bought the Intuos Creative tablet. I’m not even remotely skilled in the art of drawing, let alone on a tablet, but I really enjoy playing around with it.
  • I had Tony’s Marshmallow & Pecan for the first time and it’s my second favorite — after Caramel & Seasalt of course.
  • I saw Eva (who moved to the US and married a writer, in case you hadn’t heard) for lunch! I am so happy I got to see her before she went back to the States.
  • Will bought a boat, which is really exciting! Guess I’m going on a sailing trip next year.

And now it’s September. The start of the new academic year is a super big deal and I have tons of work to still get done, but slowly but steadily I will get back towards a more balanced work-play routine. I hope you’re all doing great, talk soon.

*Does anyone want to go to a museum in Rotterdam with me sometime in September/October? Let me know – I want to take one of you guys with me. 

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  1. Hoi! Ik ben meestal een stille mee-lezer en genieter (dol op je site), maar toen ik de kleine * zag en iets over een museumbezoek werd ik zo enthousiast dat ik ineens in de comment-sectie ging zitten typen! Ik ben Anoesjka, heb m’n bachelor kunstgeschiedenis en als het goed is a.s. semester de research master arts&culture klaar en ben naast self-help en koffie en Tony Chocolonely caramel-zeezout ook gek op kunst (o really). Vooral moderne en hedendaagse! Boijmans van Beuningen is een fantastisch museum om te bezoeken maar ook de Kunsthal – of de kleinere hedendaagse instellingen in de Witte de Withstraat! Dus, lijkt me leuk een museum bezoekje te doen in Rotterdam! Ik heb mijn e-mail adres in moeten vullen dus mocht je contact op willen nemen dan zal dat via die weg wel lukken?! Fijne zondag nog! Doei!

  2. Wanted to say ‘hell yes museum trip!’ but then I saw Anoesjka’s comment and totally think you guys should go haha. Have a greatgreat semester 🙂

  3. Superleuk zo’n uitgebreide diary Li! Echt topfoto’s. Mooi dat je het zo fijn had in Thailand, maar ook fijn dat het weer zo goed voelde om weer thuis te komen. En die Tony’s moet ik dus ECHT proberen, al een paar keer voorbij zien komen en nog niet geproefd. Lijkt me goddelijk!

  4. Oh man, jouw humor <3. Die foto's van Thailand daar moest ik echt hardop om lachen (hier is het 11 uur maandagavond en ondertussen lepel ik een pot pindakaas leeg). Stel je voor. Thanks 😀 en iiii met Mariet, leuk!