Months in Review: April and May


Hi! Because of my blog hiatus I skipped a month in the whole Month In Review thing, so now it’s Months in Review: April and May. Sit your cute little butt down and get yourself a drink, because this is going to be a long one.


VEGANISM A few days before April first I got started on the Vegan Challenge. I will repeat myself one more time: It’s easy as (vegan) cake at home and when you have time to make your food yourself. Because of the challenge I am now mainly on soy milk and yogurt. It’s hard when you are with in regular restaurants or with non-vegan people.

DATE WITH MEREL First weekend of April, I had a date with Merel. We talked from the moment she arrived on Rotterdam Central (and I handed her soy latte because I am awesome) to the moment she left. We have a lot in common, while at the same time being wildly different. I admire her hard work and I’m super fond of her as a human being. Seeing her (and Jamie!) again next week at the Groene Meisjes lunch!

nikon 11 april 460

YOGA WITH MARY Did a Mary Jarvis yoga class. Wrote about it.


LARPING Checked a Bucket List item off my list by Live Action Role Playing (LARP) as a fae for 24 hours. Although my partner in crime and the organisation were great, to me the whole thing was one of the most exhausting and confusing experiences of my life.

I am way too sensitive for that high level intensity engagement in a fictional environment with an entire group of new people. I felt horrible. It took me a week to go back to normal.

If we’re close friends, I’ll tell you the entire story over a glass of wine. If we’re not, tough tits you’ll have to wait for my autobiography. Coming out in 50 years. Stay tuned.


BAD LUCK Lost the keys to my bike, my laptop died and all sorts of other little mishaps on top of me already being shook up didn’t make for a fun couple of weeks. I basically wanted to crawl under the covers and not come out for a while.

Luckily Will stole my bike for me, fixed my laptop (!!!) and lured me from under the covers with cookies and hugs.



  • Took a blog hiatus. It was okay. I came up with some new ideas for the blog (with your help, thanks again!), but didn’t find my muse, or myself, or even my FUCKING SOCKS HOW DOES NOTHING MATCH EVER.
  • KING’S DAY. I don’t like King’s Day but I found this shirt when I was going through Manfriend’s old clothes and it was EVERYTHING. Suddenly King’s Day was awesome. I went to a so-so festival in Rotterdam and drank mojitos.
  • Will and I had a super fun spontaneous date. Breakfast at Lof der Zoetheid, some shopping (picked out my birthday present) and just doing all sorts of fun leisurely things together. One of my favourite things this month.

Ok, time for May.


FAT MINI ZUCCHINIS In the first weekend of May my parents came over for dinner and I made stuffed baby zucchinis. Look how cute they are!


 30 YOGA DAYS I joined Lin’s 30 Yoga Days challenge and throughout the month I went from this…


To this.

Kidding (sort of). I love Erin Motz and the short clips, but I just don’t feel it-feel it, you know? I should get started again. Keep you posted.


OOSTENDE Lin, G, Will and I went to Oostende for the weekend. Wrote about it. Still dream about that freaking apartment.


NEW CLOSET I got a new closet. I am so happy. All this new room. The best excuse to buy new stuff.




RESTAURANT DAY On May 17th Lin and I went to Katendrecht together and ate everything. From baked sweet potato with fresh dip to beet brownies, from lemon-mango mousse to oysters. It was awesome.


 (I am wearing shorts. Just putting it out there.)

NUMINOUS SWEATER The Numinous is an online magazine that combines spirituality topics with high fashion, health and fitness and it’s one of my online favourites. It’s one of those websites I really sit down for, you know? I love this Design Your Own Yoga Sequence one in particular, but most other articles too. The interviews Ruby does with such a variety of interesting people are excellent.

The Numinous featured a column by yours truly or a while and as a thank you I received this Chakra Paris sweater from the Numinous store! It’s a little too big (just the way I like it), super soft on the inside and it was a big hit with my people at the yoga studio.


VACCINATED We’re going to Thailand for a month over the summer* and so I got my shots. Wasn’t too bad.

If you’re like “Oh wow, you haven’t even wrote about that yet on your blog” I can only say “you’re goddamn right.” The only reason I am writing about it now is that I may have gotten these shots for nothing as Thailand is currently in a bit of mayhem.


ACRO YOGA WORKSHOP As my birthday gift Lin took me to do an aerial yoga workshop with her (and gin tonic and cocktails after.) It was really cool. Separate post coming up.



  • My new food obsession became tortilla chips with guacamole.
  • One of my friends from work got married. A few weeks later I made her have lunch with me (we had oeuf cocottes at Memory Lane) to tell me every little detail about her big day. I love weddings and when people I like are super happy.
  • Last week me and my best friend from high school saw each other again after about two years (nothing terrible happened between us, we just grew apart, which was one of my biggest regrets of the past five years). On my way there I was already crying, which I thought was GREAT because if I got it out of my system NOW, I’d probably be able to keep it together when we actually met. Right? WRONG. I started crying again when I saw her and when she hugged me I was just…DONE. But other than me crying easily I’m totally put together, you guys. Promise.
  • A few nights ago I was putting dirty dishes into the dish washer and in the process managed to smear old cheese sauce on my neck and in hair. I am the worst.
  • I bought Nike Air Max and they’re so comfortable and bouncy it’s ridiculous.


Okay, enough of this. See you later.

*Don’t take the fact I am doing this as an invitation to start talking to me about your every experience in a foreign country ever. I mentioned this once or twice on Twitter and my inbox was bombarded with information and tips I didn’t ask for. I love you, but I’m not on your level of being interested in this sort of stuff. I’m going and that’s about the end of my level of engagement. 

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  1. First: you and your months in review are awesome. Second: al dat eten in al die dagboekachtige blogposts zijn torture aaaah. Gelukkig waren daar de oesters die de verleidingen weer deden zakken tot 0, brr.

    1. Ik vond oesters dus ook altijd echt goor en glibberig maar toen had ik een keer hele goede met citroensap, rode uitjes en peper en nu ben ik helemaal om: Superlekker!

  2. “I’m going and that’s about the end of my level of engagement.”
    My kind of mindset! (and reading it may or may not have made me awkwardly laugh/snort out loud in a very quiet library)

    Glad that you’re back!

  3. Heerlijk die overzichtsposts! Bedankt voor de link naar the Numinous, prachtige site. Weer een mooie aanwinst voor m’n favorieten in m’n reader. :-D. Ik ben nu toch wel heel benieuwd naar je verhaal van het Larpen, snap daar echt helemaal niets van. Maar goed, ik zal je biografie wel kopen haha. Ondertussen: succes met je trauma :-O

  4. Ik vond jouw maand ook erg leuk. En de mijne trouwens ook. Wel jammer dat je niet meer om de haverklap appte met onzinnige vegan vragen. Maar goed, ik wacht wel tot je volgend jaar weer meedoet aan de Vegan Challenge. Ik heb erg veel zin om jou zondag te zien. <3

  5. Hey babe,
    Fijne maanden zo, lijkt me! Enne, ben blij dat ik nog nooit in Thailand ben geweest want anders zou ik nu in een hoekje liggen te huilen met mijn goedbedoelde tips 😉

  6. Altijd als ik jouw stukken lees, zit ik een beetje stom in mezelf te giechelen haha. Die Acro Yoga workshop zag er fancy uit, ben benieuwd naar de post erover!

  7. Ik LOVE die Nikes. Wat een pareltjes. Ik ben sinds een maand of twee (anderhalf, overdrijven is een kunst) ook hooked on nikes en ik kan me helemaal vinden in de opmerking over hoe bouncy ze zijn. Lopen op wolkjes en nooit meer anders willen. Sterkte met de Thailand-spam 😉