Month in Review: This Was October.


My face now, but your face after you read my month in review.



 Everything about this picture is great, obviously. 

WHOOPS On October 2nd, I went to have dinner with Mariet. We ate junk food and were upto hooping shenanigans.

Literally an hour later, I broke my ankle.


And you know what you can do when you’re in a cast? That’s right: Nothing. Hence the boring blog post. You can do pretty much nothing.


Except for working from home. And admiring your assistant’s t-shirt.


And going to Italy in a wheelchair. Read all about my trip here.


When I got the lighter cast I was not AT ALL happy. It still hurt a lot and I was disappointed with the lack of progress.

But after some over dramatic tears, I decided to accept it. From therenout I religiously took my pain meds and listened to my body a lot – even if that meant missing out on fun things at home and in Italy.

And when I went to the hospital for a check after Italy, the bruising and swelling had gone down so considerably I didn’t need a cast anymore!

The nurse told me I was doing extremely well for someone who had only broken her ankle 2,5 weeks ago. She taped up my foot and told me that if I just kept on the way I was doing she expected me to walk into the hospital upon my next check.

And considering I went from Walking Dead Zombie Walk, to Doctor Gregory House Walk, to Swag O.G. Walk, I think she is going to be right! Victory!

Now if I only mustered up the courage to cycle again (I’m so afraid I am going to fall and fuck everything up again) I am pretty much back to my old self. Just with a WAY cooler walk than before.


I sat on the couch and drank coffee. That was basically my life this month. (Not gonna lie, I kind of liked it.)


A visit from Andrew coloured my October with happiness. Seeing old friends is the best. When I studied abroad I lived on campus and Andrew was one of my favorite people. I lived on the same floor as he did. He was on a Euro-trip now and came to visit my crippled old self.

We basically just hung out all afternoon, reminisced and caught up with each other’s lives. At night Will joined us, we ordered Indian take out and watched British television.


My iPhone 6 is here!!!

My iPhone 4 is basically an iSlug at this point: Opening any app is a long ass struggle. It was time for an upgrade.


And thanks to Case App I have a customised Self Help Hipster phone case! Isn’t it just the fucking coolest?!

I get to give away another phone case, so leave a comment if you wanna win one! I’ll pick and notify the winner Thursday! 


SCARY POTTER Lin threw a Halloween themed birthday party with G and I went as a Gender Swapped Harry Potter.

Who joined a rockband.

And made some other questionable life choices.

…Just go with it.


BREAKFAST The day after their party (I know, it’s technically November, but it was just so lovely I have to share) Lin and G took Will and me out for breakfast at our favorite place. We had a nice spot in the sun as we ate our scones and sandwiches, chatting and making plans for fun things to do in the future. Everything about this morning made me happy.



  • I am now obsessed with Markiplier Let’s Plays. I love video games but my hand-eye coordination is off both in real life as in video games, so I never make it very far. Watching Mark play Alien, Spore, the Last of Us and Dead Space 3 has been an absolute joy. I love that guy.
  • I put up Be Your Own Hero, the official ebook for the Be Your Own Hero E-course for sale! With the book being only 15$, and 50% of the proceeds going to charity, it’s a pretty good deal!
  • A few of the people that bought it have told me it is one of their favourite things I have ever written, if not their actual new favorite. Which I think is really cool.

And that’s it! I’m super excited about November and the rest of the year. As you might have seen on my Instagram, I’m doing something with the last 50 days of the year again. Stay tuned…

Ok bye!

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  1. Ben benieuwd wat je de laatste vijftig dagen van het jaar gaat doen! Fijn dat je enkel uiteindelijk sneller herstelde dan verwacht, heb je er nog veel last van of is het einde al in zicht? Fijne week gewenst 🙂

  2. Ohhh muts met je enkel 😀 Ik vind je Halloween outfit te gek, it’s so you 8) Ik ben heel benieuwd naar je laatste 50 dagen van het jaar! Ik heb het liedje All By Myself in mijn hoofd door je instagram foto 8)

  3. Dr. Gregory House walk cracked me up (seriously, scared people on the metro and all).
    LOVE the SHH phone case. Pick me, pick me! (Turning off the weird Dory-voice now). OK bye.

  4. Yup, that phone case is cool but I’m not sure I’m cool enough to win it. You see I’m a therapist who spends hours every day on my butt listening intensely with all electronic devices off. And when I’m done listening I want to not speak so I’m always lagging behind on the phone scene. I’m still on an IPhone 4. However, I’m no longer driving my horse and buggy to work.

  5. Volgens mij heb je nog aardig wat van je mindervalide maand gemaakt! En soms is even niks doen ook heerlijk. Ik heb over een week een poosje vrij en dan ga ik ook (onder andere) heerlijk niks doen! En dat wil zeggen dat ik misschien wel je e-book ga lezen, volgens mij geen slechte keuze :).
    Ik doe trouwens bij deze mee aan je winactie. Heb even de site bekeken en woah, dat kan nog wel eens heel leuk worden! Natuurlijk ga ik dan ook mijn blog schaamteloos promoten op mijn hoesje ha!
    Ps: I never know if I should respond in English or Dutch. Writing a comment in English to a Dutch person feels… weird? Especially because, well, Dutch is easier most of the time :P.