1. Des says:

    goed maar ook duidelijk stukje. ik voel me altijd ehh..dramaqueen-achtig als ik me zo voel. maar nu weet ik dat het m’n ego is die spreekt. en dat het niets geeft. en niet belangrijk is

  2. Anne says:

    I think my ego and I are getting acquainted and if I just try to understand we might even get along… This post is very helpful, thank you!

  3. Desi says:

    Beautiful and very true. But it can be so extremely difficult to do it. I’m really trying to accept al my negative emotions, but sometimes it just feels likes it better to ignore them. I really have a problem when it comes to facing my emotions. Most of the time I run away from them. Not that it makes me feel happy to do that, but I keep thinking it’s better than facing my emotions (which is aboslutely not true). Anyway, thanks for writing this!

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