May Manifesting: What I Learnt.

As promised, I’d wrap up what I learnt this past month about working with the Law of Attraction and manifesting things into your life. This was a very Conscious Manifestation month and this brought a lot of new things to my attention.

First of all: Everything starts with your mindset and the things you think.

This is basically the building block of life. If you manage to guide your thoughts and navigate your mindset (at least most of the time, nobody’s perfect) you may go through hard times but you will always be on the right path and steering towards the right things, learning as you go along. Which is cool!

Second, Project Penny is something everyone should give a try.

Yes, you too! It trains your ‘Manifest Muscle’ in a couple of ways. You already believe you can do it: you know they’re out there, other people drop them all the time. All you have to do is keep your eyes open! Then, as you find more of them in ‘coincidental’ ways, your faith in the Law of Attraction and yourself grows and it becomes easier to move on to bigger things.

It’s more efficient to attract money for the things you want than money in general.

It usually holds a much stronger desire, is more vivid and has more details, and The Universe loves it when you’re specific. Steve Pavlina says it’s like playing a video game and obsessing about the score, while there is so much more interesting things to focus on in a computer game (other characters, possible items, etc). I am beginning to think the man has a point.

Friday, I was thinking I wanted to attract 120 euros for my next Unlimited Yoga Month Card and forgot about it again. Saturday morning, I get a call from someone I know who needs me for two babysit gigs this week (Yes, I’m 24 and I still babysit. What can I say? Kids love me!). That type of manifesting, opportunity to make some money practically overnight, is very interesting to me and I think it’s because it’s not about the money so much (the score) but about the purpose that it’s going to serve.

I intend to keep an open receiving mindset too: if you don’t limit yourself to getting money, who knows what you’ll get? Exciting!

When trying to manifest things it is important it is to feel free.

For a while there I accidentally restricted myself: I was kind of stuck in my diet and judgmental of the things I ate without changing it (such as destructive coffee habit), without trying to break free from it. In my head, only yoga was important to feel good in terms of exercise and that put such a pressure on my yoga practice I got in my own way with overthinking.

I now realize you shouldn’t feel restricted in this area (or in any area), you should always feel limitless. The moment I got back into my ‘Well, what do you want to eat?’ and ‘What do you want to try?’ and ‘What do you want to do next?’ attitude, things felt better. It’s better to look for opportunities instead of keeping yourself in locked and already-decided-on actions.  started to do things for clear, pure energy again and that really liberates.

If you want good relationships, you’re going to have to see the good in relationships.

Focus is incredibly important when you’re working with the Law of Attraction, and I fell into the classic mindfuck-trap of wanting better relationships, which does not mean your relationships are shit, you just want them to be even more wonderful, you accidentally enter World Opposite by only seeing everything that is wrong, might be wrong and could be wrong about your relationships. Do not make this mistake!

By all means, talk about the shit aspects of your relationships. Get them out in the open, work on them, but let them go and focus on the great aspects and how appreciative you are of them. Once you’ve spent some time improving them, relax. Let it go. Open your eyes and see the wonderfulness of the people around you once again.

Be a positive person in the workplace.

I’m not saying you have to be Snowwhite of the Office, singing while birds follow you around the cubicles, but you have no idea how much it could help you. Not only are you a breath of fresh air in comparison to your less enthusiastic co-workers for anyone who comes in there (which gives you an automatic advantage), you also teach yourself to spend your every workday while vibrating on high levels, which is great for manifesting.

Wear a friendly face wherever you go.

The great thing about being generally happy (for me at least) is that I usually look very approachable. Having huge wide eyes probably helps too – people might think I see more or have GPS/The Internet installed in them so I am their best bet for pointing them in the right direction, but I smile a lot and don’t immediately look away if I look into another person’s eyes. This leaves a lot of room for potential social interaction, which sometimes people really need.

It’s fun, people like to talk to you and it’s easy to get to know new interesting people this way, so I recommend looking friendly, like you’re willing to be nice to everyone*.

And that’s that for today, folks. I’m going to have a wonderful dinner with Lin and then tomorrow I’m finally seeing Sabine again: I’m attending her Detoxing Made Easy Workshops. I do hope the enema talk is kept to a minimum though, because I’m not really ready for that. 😐 Anyway, have a lovely weekend!

*Okay, not everyone. I personally have excellent Creep Radar, but if you don’t, be careful with this one. Last thing we need is you taking candy from a stranger.

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  1. I have been reading your blog for a while now, but recently I started to start reading your blog from the beginning page and post. I’ve been written many things down that I found interesting.
    One of the things I really liked was the Project Penny and indeed, I do see maney coins and things everywhere and nowhere.
    But what I really wanted to say, go on! I really like your blog and I think you write very nice :-).