May Goal Wrap Up Post.

Oh, May. What the fuck happened here. It wasn’t even a shit month or anything, I was fine and dandy, but still. Hold onto your hipster glass and ironic hats, babies: I reached zero of my goals. Not the books I was going to read, not the yoga, not the juice fast, not the 10,000 words. Nada. Zip. Apart from some tequila-filled nights in Spain when I was 18, this May may be the worst example I’ve set.

Turns out when you lose focus, things go to shit. My focus got all scattered this month; I was working on manifesting (post on that soon!), writing the next e-book, and in between those times real life, relationships and work got majorly in the way. Or I let them get majorly in the way. As well as my ego and other issues. Anyway, of course I am a little bummed about it, because I would have gotten a lot more done if I had reached my May goals, but I understand what went wrong and learnt something out of the deal. Plus, whenever I think “I reached zero of my goals” out loud it makes me laugh a little: only way is up!

I’m going to switch between Manifesting- and Goal-Oriented months. That way I can give whatever’s in front of me my (reasonably) undivided attention, allow myself some space to recharge in an area and keep it interesting on both ends. I like switching things up.

I haven’t decided what June’s going to be yet, but considering I’m still finding coins every day I’m thinking I’m just going to keep it a Manifesting Month and go for Goals in July. And I’m excited for both. Have a great weekend, cheers!

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  1. Lianne,
    You make me laugh! And since May kinda was a shit month for me, you made me feel a little better, too. I’m guilty of putting things on my to do list that I already just did, like, “eat almost entire bag of twix bars,” and that doesn’t make me feel better at all.

    I said something about a goal to my four year old yesterday, which prompted a little convo about what a “goal” is. After reading your post just now I decided to ask him about it and see what he learned. Here’s how that went:
    Me: Levi, do you remember what a goal is?
    Levi: I do NOT know WHAT you are talking about.

    Me: Remember it’s something you want to accomplish?
    Levi: COMplish? complish what?

    Me: Ok, put it this way…what do you want to do today?
    Levi OOOOH! I want to……smell some flowers!

    I know there is a lesson in there somewhere. So I’m off to add to my to do list, “talk to Levi about goals,” so I can cross it out :o)!

    1. Glad to hear I wasn’t alone in terms of shit month (in terms of goals). Your boy sounds adorable and he seems to get what it’s really about. Gotta love kids! <3