12 Days of (Weird) Self Help: Master Your Mindset

12 Days of (Weird) Self Help

I get a few emails a week in the Self Help Hipster.com Inbox from publishers, publicists and people in Nowhere, Idaho (or Inpronouncable, Somewhere). These are lovely people who ask me to review their books. I don’t usually take the time. I don’t really know why not, I just didn’t. 

But hey. What if I started to accept these invitations? After all, it’s one of the unique opportunities my particular blog offers. People want me to read their books, look at their stuff and have an opinion. 

Ya’ll know I love self help (and I LOVE to have opinions). 

And thus, I decided to start saying ‘yes’ to pretty much all of it. So far, it’s been really fun. The authors, publicists and publishers I’ve been in contact with have all been really cool and I’m excited to feature them and share them with you.  


Next up: Master Your Mindset by Michael Pilarczyk.

Michael seems like such a smart, nice guy in his videos with Sanny and I find his life story absolutely fascinating: Making tons of money, losing it all, finding his way back to happiness and health, fame and fortune.

But his book, Master Your Mindset?

…This is gonna be short and sweet.


I really wanted to like the book, I did. Because I’m sure Michael does very well in his seminars and coaching endeavours, I like his entrepreneurial spirit, and I don’t like to dump on people.

But I’m not gonna sugarcoat my opinion either, and I don’t think Master Your Mindset is a good book.

It’s every self help cliche ever uttered, in mediocre writing at best. There is no clear, cohesive theme and it never grabbed me by the ears with a “omg this is so true” the way other self help books sometimes do.

It really isn’t very good.

If I have to grasp at straws, every once in a while there would be a sentence that I’d like. Sentences like “live from love and you’ll feel happy” and “be conscious of what you focus your attention on, and what meaning you attribute to a situation, event or your thoughts.” But these were few and far between: when I fingered through the pages the counter stopped at 5. Which isn’t much for a book of 210 pages.

I’m not going to include any links, because I don’t think you should buy it. If you want some real good self help to end 2016 and start 2017 with? Buy this one or this one instead.

If you want to see for yourself, obviously you can go right ahead. Maybe I’m totally wrong. For anyone who is interested, send me an email and I’ll send it to you for free (exc postage)!

Hey, books are just like people: they can’t all be winners.

Tomorrow might be better.

Written by SHH