Making May Magic: Goals This Month!

New month, new list of crazy shit I want to pull off.

  • Read 4 (fiction!) books. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Oh my God, after the three whole books you read last month?! You really aim for the stars, don’t you?!”  Well, um, yeah, I don’t have a witty response to that. Click.
  • I want to do a double yoga class 3 times this month. I’ve gotten over my irrational reluctance for them but I don’t want to make it too hard on myself by ‘having to do them’ every week, so I’m making it three for May. But who knows? Maybe I’ll break my personal record and do one every week anyway.
  • One Juice Fast. Just for the hell of it. I can manage not to chew one day this month. Right?
  • Write the first 10,000 words of my next e-book. Because once you gather momentum, you might as well keep going. 
  • I want to blog every day. I’ve been managing 6 days out of 7 every week in April, but I’d like to have an update every day. So let’s give that a go in May. If I start making stupid shit up just for the sake of content I’ll go right back to 6 blogs a week.
  • During the last week(s) of April I tried my hand at eating raw foods until dinner and I really liked it: the sustained energy, continuously feeling full without feeling sludgy and of course…the bananas. So, to continue with the slow but steady trend: I want to do the Raw Until Dinner Thing 4 days out of 7.
  • From this point forward, I want to put in the time and effort I believe is most beneficial to me, my body and my yoga practice. I want to do 6 yoga classes a week.

  • I’m continuing the 15 Minute To Look Pretty thing. I have been very detached from how I look for a long time but I now realize I’m not just the inside, I’m the package too. So I might as well make it a representative of the inside. Plus, I just treated myself to a gorgeous red Chanel lipstick (click) that is just begging to be used.
  • Make a to-do list for every upcoming day. This is an experiment, but a serious one: I notice that if I have a plan, I get a lot more done in a day than if I just wing it. Worth giving it a try this month.

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