Magazijn’s New Issue: The Art Of Eating!

Editor Renee Audier of ‘Magazijn’ met years ago when she launched her on-line magazine with Mascha van der Spek, we had coffee, she interviewed me (lol I felt so famous) and I wrote my first article for her. I absolutely adore Renee; she’s smart, fun to have coffee with and she has one of the best qualities I could ever ask for: She lets me write in English. Bless.  For the past three issues I’ve been one of the main writers, and every time it’s launched I am increasingly happy with the pictures, the texts, and the care that goes into it.

This is the bit that I have written for this issue; if you scroll to page 30 you can read my article ‘The Art of Healthy Eating’, where I discuss the fact that healthy eating can be so effing confusing and how I personally try to work though all the conflicting messages and General Clusterfuckery.

This is the rest of the content and it is worth the browse. You can check out Chicks Love Food, the Raw Foodist, poetry, the interview with Richie Culver and the most ah-mah-zing photographs throughout the entire issue. Enjoy!

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