Love, Life And Food: Culy’s FoodWeLove Box.


The ways of the people we love tend to spill over into us. What they do, what they say, the way they think and…the way they eat.

An ode to my best friend Lin and Culy’s Monique.

(If you can’t handle ass-kissing click away now here’s a picture of something funny ok bye)


There are many ways in which my best friend has had a positive impact on my life over the almost four years that we’ve known each other. I can only hope I’ve had a similar positive influence on her.

I’m not going to go into the whole thing, though (not right now anyway) I’m just going to tell you about one very big way Lin has made me who I am today: Food wise.

Don’t get me wrong, I would have been fine without her.* My mom is a good cook, I come from a family of big appetites and I have an aunt whose dishes (and wine choices!) could put a few chefs to shame. I would have found my way to fine dining eventually. I think.

Over the years of having my own kitchen and having a good culinary role model (aforementioned best friend) I definitely got good. Not as good as Lin or fancy food bloggers, but still good. I also really started to enjoy it very much.

THAT’s because of watching Lin in the kitchen and her general philosophy to food. I started to regard cooking as a leisure activity, instead of just something you have to do for nutrients and survival. However simple or decadent you do it, however healthy or indulgent, cooking is fun. And you can make so many delicious things yourself…So why not do it?


It’s through dinners at Lin’s place that I’ve also learnt the joy of cooking for the people you love. Her extravagant Christmas dinners are my favorite part of winter season: Starting with cocktails, having a million courses and ending with lots of cheese. She also cooks for her friends and family throughout the rest of the year, with pleasure. I’ve started to do that too.

Because I get it, cooking for others. It’s showing your affection — putting time, thought and effort in what you make, treating your loved ones to good food and a great night.

I love cooking for and with Manfriend. It’s fun to treat him to food he loves and it’s even more fun to mess around in the kitchen together.

I love making food for my family. I bring them homemade banana bread with raspberries. I make them pasta carbonara when they come home from work. When my parents come over to my place I make them big healthy salads, sweet potato curries or Italian food. Simple pasta dishes with blue cheese. Pear-apple crumble with coffee after.

Over the time I’ve known Lin I’ve also fallen in love with going out for dinner. She knows the best places, and I love having leisurely lunches and dinners with her.

It’s so much fun to try new restaurants and lunch places from time to time, experience different styes of cooking every once in a while. I enjoy sitting down in a restaurant, ordering a good glass of wine or a fizzy drink and try out new delicious foods while I enjoy someone’s company.

And last one, promise. The final thing I love about Lin is that healthy food and indulgence can happily co-exist in one’s diet. You can enjoy healthy food just as much as unhealthy food. And if you find a balance you’re comfortable with, you got yourself a great healthy lifestyle you can thoroughly enjoy.

So basically, because of my best friend I have become a better, more enthusiastic cook and started to appreciate great food (and wine) and fantastic restaurants even more than I did before.

Which brings me to Culy’s Monique (finally.)

I like Monique a lot. Not only was she one of the early powerhouses of the on-line fashion beauty lifestyle world, she also has perfect social media presence** and a brilliant culinary website that’s doing really great.

I don’t read Culy regularly, but I totally trust Monique when it comes to food. She knows her stuff.  If I need information on something I look it up on Culy. I love her Instagram.

I had actually planned to get her book the Culy Way of Life as a Christmas gift to myself but I got distracted by Chanel make-up, a Sandro shirt and then life in general. I hope she can forgive me for that.

And then I read about the upcoming Culy’s FoodWeLove Box with Guilty Pleasures, the description saying that Monique’s new year’s resolution had nothing to do with detoxing or weight loss or dieting, but was just to fully enjoy everything. I instantly loved that.

Enjoying yourself is important. I’m a big fan of enjoying myself. I believe you can do it while simultaneously working on your health and happiness, and I believe Monique is someone who knows how to do that as well.

So what was happening, was that the ONLY other on-line person I trust COMPLETELY when it comes to food net to my BFF, was filling up an ENTIRE BOX worth of guilty pleasure goodies to enjoy.

Well, that’s totally happening.

Because not only did I order the box, I ordered the combi-pack so I also (finally!) get the book too. I can’t wait for the box to arrive next week so I can start enjoying,

And I just wanted to share that with you. How my best friend sharing her love for good cooking and great dining out made me appreciate food and restaurants even more, and how I’m now genuinely excited to enjoy Monique’s guilty pleasures, read her book and make some Culy-approved recipes.

If you still want to get your own box, I think today is the last day to get one!

Note: This is just me being super excited about more good food, more cooking and more things to enjoy in life.

This is NOT a sponsored post but let’s be serious if Monique sees this and wants to pay me in restaurant tips and more recipes I’m obviously not going to say ‘no’ to that.


*Food-wise. Don’t get it twisted.

**By which I mean she shares the right stuff, she has an opinion without turning it into word vomit and she just seems like a generally nice and lovely person. I am too judgmental and snarky to have that type of social media presence, but I totally appreciate it when I see it on others. 

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  1. Wat een lieve en inspirerende post. Leuk om te lezen op een rustige zondag als deze! Ik denk dat ik me straks naar de keuken ga begeven haha. 😉

  2. Cooking is so much fun!!! Vooral het experimenteren en dan merken dat het echt PERFECT gelukt is. Love it! Mooi om te zien dat jullie zo’n mooie vriendschap hebben btw. This post is ALL love. Enne, Monique haar boek moet ik ook nog steeds halen *shame on me

  3. Wat een lieve blogpost. 🙂 Ughhh ik kan niet wachten tot ik eindelijk een normale keuken in een normaal huis heb, zodat ik ook kan koken voor mensen. Dat lijkt me zo ontzettend leuk om te doen. DINNERPARTY YAY.

    En die FoodWeLove Box klinkt echt fantastisch, als ik kon, had ik ‘m zeker ook willen aanschaffen. Ben benieuwd wat er allemaal inzit! (Neem je een unbox-video op, ah toe? :’) )