Let me Be April’s Fool: Goals.

Honestly, what day more perfect to loudly proclaim my goals than today? If my goals are outlandish and outrageous? I am kidding. If I can’t take the pressure and actually spend the entire month procrastinating and eating Ben&Jerry’s? I was kidding. If I was a diabolical evil genius (who’s to say if I’m not), I’d be laughing maniacally.

And you know, outlandish and outrageous goals are good to have. They challenge you and teach you things, and if you make goals targeted to who you’d like to be, it serves you in becoming that person. So even if I don’t quite get there, I’ve still done pretty good and am closer to what I believe I can do anyway.

  • Less time in front of the computer and more time spent with my nose in a book. I want to read three books this month. Not the non-fiction self help stuff I am always browsing through, but three actual good fiction books.
  • I also want to go to (at least) three movies. I have one of those unlimited movie passes and always use it way too little. Added note: If I don’t manage to do this, I’m calling it quits and l cancel my card. If I wanted to waste money I’d donate to the Koney 2012 movement.
  • I want to do two double classes of yoga this month. I love double classes but always dread them a little too: they seem daunting at first. I just need to get over it and do it!
  • I want to do one juice fast this month. And not one where I drink juice all day and eat a huge dinner after, but one where I actually only drink juice and tea all day, eat a small salad, and then go to bed. Without a brownie for dessert.
  • Publish my first e-book. Because honest to God, I can’t be 24 and NOT have at least some sort of book out. Last year I did a Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge for charity and while the money I collected back then from family and friends is long and donated, the actual e-book that was supposed to go with it never saw the light of day. But it will. And I hope you will love it.
  • I want to go to 5-6 yoga classes a week. It’s fine to have a day off here and there but I fare well by consistent and intense practice.
  • Write (at least) 6 blog posts. Same as the yoga: it’s fine to have a day off here and there, but it’s consistent and intense practice that’s best for me.
  • Spend some time working with the Law of Attraction and a Gratitude Journal. Why? Because it’s good for my mood, and my life. I think an hour a week will suffice to start with. Maybe more if I’m inspired.
  • Uphold the 80%-20% diet ratio as much as possible. I’ve already decreased my caffeine intake to only one cup a day and I plan on slowly taking it down even more. More raw food, more greens, more healthy junk food. No more refined products from the cafeteria.
  • Drink half a liter of green juice. Because the energy you get from it is amazing.
  • Spend at least 20 minutes in the morning to look nice. This probably makes me sound like a slob, but my criteria for my appearance are pretty low: I just don’t want to smell or show my butt crack. Pretty easy to meet these criteria by showering and wearing clothes.

I think that’s quite a good start for April. I’m excited about this month. Lots of goals, my birthday on the 18th (!) and a kick ass party to end the month with. How about you? Do you have any spectacular goals for this month and why?

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  1. “Because honest to God, I can’t be 24 and NOT have at least some sort of book out.” You just set my goals. (kidding…)

    On the books: if you haven’t read extremely loud & incredibly close yet, I can totally recommend that one! If you have, I’d suggest Someone to Run With by David Grossman, extremely pretty as well 🙂
    Have a great month!

    1. Ik doe echt zooo m’n best op EL&IC maar ik kom er niet doorheen, zo raar want iedereen vind het zo leuk. Ik ga die tweede van jou opzoeken maar eerst Mockingjay uitlezen!

  2. ik ben zoo benieuwd naar je first e-book plzzzz!!!

    Mijn doelen deze maand:
    ik wil salsa proeflessen volgen
    informatie aanvragen voor cursus japans
    ik wil 10 km gaan hardlopen, dit ter voorbereiding voor de ladiesrun
    ik gezond blijven eten/leven
    ik wil 1 kaartje sturen, gewoon voor de zo maar 🙂