Law of Attraction Video.

For those of you who can’t be arsed to watch the entire thing (I’ve been there), I basically try to explain what my theory on the Law of Attraction Basic Idea is and how I think about it in my day to day life. Please note this is just about the basic idea and how this works in MY head, not how I put my desires into practical manifesting or whatever, I will try to explain that in another video if you want me to. These are the main points I make in the video (minus the jokes, stutters and accidental eyerolls): 
  • For one thing, I am totally on board of the  “positivity attracts positivity” bit: If I am a positive, happy and helpful person, I will see this reflected into my life. The whole ‘you get what you give’ thing is truth to me. Therefore I make the effort to honor that by being that person. As positive, cheerful, helpful and good as I can possibly be.
  • The whole “negativity attracts negativity” is different, as I only partially get behind it. I get behind the basic idea. If I’m going to be a negative asshole I will be living the life of a negative asshole. If I let one negative thing get me down, I will only see more negative things that will bring me down further. If I am going to be a complainypants, my social crowd is going to be a complainypants and those energysuckers are not fun at parties.
  • Now, despite it being the favorite accusation people throw my way, as well as being the number one law of attraction hurdle, I don’t think people cause all their problems themselves. Some, definitely, but not all and definitely not the worst of them. I believe ‘negativity attracts negativity’ only goes so far. I do not believe that people have brought rape/trauma/war/hunger/deathly illnesses etc. upon themselves.
  • Positive is way stronger than negative, as any Law of Attraction auhor or enthusiast can attest and therefore it makes no sense to me that those big horrible things are completely caused by negativity. I wish I could explain it in terms of the Law of Attraction but in the immortal words of Doctor Sheldon Cooper: “I would if I could, but I can’t so I shan’t.”
  • I do believe negativity never makes anything better, but that’s not the issue here, just something to keep in mind.
  • My personal philosophy is that sometimes, life has shit parts in it. And you’re just going to have to go through them. If I may make a suggestion (and I may because it’s my website!), try to always keep a positive outlook as much as you can, but never make a big deal out of being sad or thinking bad thoughts. Read the article I wrote about negative thoughts here.
  • And what you can practically do with the Law of Attraction during or after the shitty parts of life is set the intention that things are going to get better. That a day will have something nice in it. That you’re going to have a positive experience. That you will feel better than yesterday. Setting a good intention when you can, and trying to get your positivity up again after being down.
  • Another important philosophy to keep in mind when learning about the Law of Attraction or working with anything self help: Find the things that you can use and that feel right for you, and disregard the rest. Create a mindset that feels the most natural and truthful to you, and never add items that don’t ring true to your heart.
If you got any questions or remarks, always welcome to share!
Written by SHH