How I Got My Apartment (& Tips to Get Yours!)

Mid-December, me and Boyfriend checked out an apartment that was simply heavenly. A living and dining room, a new kitchen, three bedrooms upstairs and this amazing bathroom. Stained glass, a balcony, built in closets everywhere; it was a dream. I fell in love with this place, instantly. Even though it had the most hideous wall paper, terrible painting jobs and so much dirt, I was in love with it. It was so great….and way out of our league.

The price was a bargain, but with my part-time position and my boyfriend finishing up his Master’s Degree, we did not meet the monthly income criteria yet. We mentioned my boyfriend would have a decent income soon to the realtor. While he wasn’t overly enthusiastic, he did tell us to include this information in our submission. He’d see what he could do. I could practically hear the hundred other couples on home-hunt salivating over this gorgeous 1930’s house.

But I didn’t care. I loved that house. I could see us living there and I adored everything about that house. I wanted it and I’d make sure that the Universe knew this too.

So I wrote down my name and that address a couple of times: I had read about that trick in The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, and figured it was worth a shot.  I also wrote down a list of all the things I would do when I’d be lucky enough to live there. Examples of that list were that I would bike to work, have dinner parties for friends and bake apple pies for my family when they came over. Finally, I wrote down a list of reasons why I loved that place so much: it was a long list.

We didn’t hear anything for almost two weeks. I expressed that I didn’t think we were going to get it, but I never stopped loving that house and expressing my appreciation for that house. When a friend of mine said “don’t worry. If a house is your house, you will get it”, I could feel that even though we were most likely not going to get it, I still loved that house. I came to terms with it while still feeling so positive towards that house.

After two weeks, my boyfriend got a weird call from the realtor, asking him all sorts of questions about his prospective line of work and the probable income. Three days later the realtor called: if we were willing to put in a larger deposit, of which the extra sum would be returned the moment my boyfriend handed in a copy of his contract, the house was ours. 

We managed to do that. After spending the first 6 weeks of 2012 fixing up the place, packing and trying not to get in the way of people who knew what they were doing, I’m now typing this in my beautiful living room on a comfy couch with a cup of green tea. If I glance over to the right, there is my pretty dining room table with an enormous fruit bowl on top.

I only started ever loving the house more. It’s not perfect, but I am so happy I live here. And I believe that the positive emotions I associated with that house, the positive energy I put into those exercises after we had first visited the place and letting it go for the Universe to get to work with, is what ultimately helped in us now living in this house. Here’s what I think might help you too.

First thing you gotta do is make things real by putting them on paper. What do you need for your place to be great, and what do you want for your place to feel like it’s yours and magical and home?

Requirements: What type of home are you looking for (apartment/house/loft/etc)? How many rooms would be necessary? What neighborhood? Balcony or garden? Type of heating, sort of kitchen, state of the art bathroom? This type of stuff. If you set up requirements you make clear what type of places you’d be ready to accept.

Desires: Now…what would you love to have? What makes your gasp out of joy when you see it. What makes you excited, and happy, that it’s in your house? An oven? Balcony doors that open into your dining room (guilty!) or  bedroom? Winding stairs? A place for you to paint? A tiny office for your lover? Write down the things you’d love to find in the apartment of your dreams.

Once you’ve done the writing, it’s time to do the dreaming. Close your eyes and see the apartment. Walk around in it when it’s still empty, touch the wood, the stones, the bathroom mirror. Walk around and think of how it would feel to be there. Next, picture yourself fixing it up, making it yours and pretty. Smell paint, feel the tiredness from carrying things up and down the stairs, watch the place improve. Finally, picture yourself living there. What would you do there? Where would you read, write, sit, eat? Imagine having friends over, sitting alone or with your partner, enjoying a movie. Imagine getting ready for work or a date in your own bathroom, stuff like that. Dream as long and vividly as you please. Feel happy and excited. 

Now, go look for the place. Hunt for the places that meet your requirements and take the initiative: call or e-mail for the exhibits, send in the information they want from you, stuff like that. Also, when a place catches your eye that on first sight does not meet your initial requirements but you still feel a spark of interest, go with it. Go look at it anyway. It might turn out to be your dream home, or you might find a connection to your dream home, or you might learn something to take into account on your search.

Write down your name and that address. Picture your name on the door. Make lists: write down a list of things you love about that place. Write down what you would do if you were so lucky to get that place.  Write down the things you need, or like to buy for that place. Jot down things you need to take care of before you could move there — and if you can, start doing some of those things. For me, this was cleaning up my room so I’d have an easier time packing.

Basically what you do there is send a huge amount of love and positive energy into the Universe about an apartment. Even if you don’t get that place, you’re bound to get something amazing. Anyways, this accidentally became the longest article on, but I hope you liked it and that it helps you in some way. Happy apartment hunting, dear reader(s)!

Written by SHH