How A Hang-Over Prompted My Gratitude.


Gather around children, and let me tell you a little story about my weekend.

On Friday night, I went to my brother-in-law’s graduation party in a bar in Rotterdam. It was fancy, I wore a blouse and everything. We were in this bar with cool quotes about alcohol such as “I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me” (Churchill) written on the chalkboards on the wall and I was with my boyfriend, his brother and his friends hanging out, talking and drinking.

I was totally planning on keeping it civilized and going to bed at a decent hour, I swear (your honor). But people were handing me a new glass of wine as soon as my previous glass was even edging towards empty. Around midnight I was actually slightly drunk when Lin texted me, asking me where I was and if I wanted to come over and tell her about the party before I went home. She also baited me with prosecco (your honor).

You gotta understand something about me. I can be having tea with the Queen of England. I can be doing push- and pull-ups with Michelle Obama in the middle of the night. It can be four in the morning while I’m splitting atoms with a reincarnation of Einstein. I will STILL go “whoops, gotta go!” as soon as Lin texts me a random invitation to hang out.

“Gimme 15” I texted. I said goodbye to everyone, as they were going to go to another bar soon anyway, kissed Manfriend goodnight and before officially calling it a night, I was going to make a quick pitstop at Lin’s.

I was more tipsy than I realized at that point, because apparently Lin saw me arrive, swerving on my bicycle and giggling to myself and almost falling over. Total hearsay, but credible. I was also a little loud as I entered her apartment, apparently. After my last glass of wine, I fell asleep with my head in her lap as she tried to make me watch Orange Is The New Black.* Apparently.

I went home and fell asleep at 02:30. The next morning I woke up IN ABSOLUTE AGONY. The unholy mother of all hang-overs had nestled into my brain, causing a headache of migraine-proportions and just all-around PAIN. PAIN. EVERYWHERE. I do NOT understand how some people do this almost every weekend. I was DYING.

Manfriend still sleeping off his own hang-over from the party, I was alone in my pain. Obviously I needed someone to know about it, so after two Ibuprofen and a multivitamin I texted Lin: “SO. HUNG. OVER.” We texted back and forth a little while I was  walking around the house grunting like a little zombie and generally hating my life. I hated my life even more when I realized I had all the ingredients for Lin’s brilliant spicy pumpkin soup EXCEPT for the onion. “UGH, I don’t wanna go to the supermarket” I texted Lin, “the only supermarket I would like to go right now is Marqt.

Brilliance struck me. “You wanna go with me?”  Her response: “If I get pumpkinsoup after.”

That is how Lin and I ended up going to Marqt together. While shoveling the free samples Marqt employees kept offering us into our mouths** while scouting for almond milk, popped quinoa and sprouts. Got my onions too.


Afterwards, Lin installed herself at my dining room table with her laptop. Manfriend had woken up too, looking for aspirin and comfort cuddling to battle his own hangover. I got busy in the kitchen with the pumpkin soup, Manfriend put on some records and Lin continued writing her thesis. The weather was amazing outside, and I opened the kitchen windows to let in sunlight and a small breeze.


I started to feel really happy. Even with the hang-over and the headache, I suddenly felt happier than I had been in really long time. I was so happy with my boyfriend and best friend being near, being able to cook something nice for them. Manfriend came into the kitchen every once in the while to give me a kiss or wrap his arms around me while I was behind the stove, Lin was tapping away on her laptop and the house started to smell amazing. G also came over for lunch, and the four of us had the pumpkin soup with some bread.

After lunch the boys left, Lin and I sat at the table writing and talking while drinking tea with a Tony’s Chocolonely caramel-sea salt bar*** on the side. I spent Saturday night with some of my closest friends from high school, Sunday with Manfriend. I generally had a very lovely weekend. It made me so happy, and grateful.

For people. Like Lin, like Manfriend, like G, Angel, my parents, my entire family. For simple things like eating with people you love, writing on actual paper, having chocolate next your tea, having a boyfriend who randomly yells out “I LOVE YOU” from wherever he is in the house at that time, beautiful supermarkets and healthy food in cute packages.

Honestly, I could never have imagined my weekend starting with 2013’s Worst Hang-Over and ending with having gratitude spilling out of my ears. However it started, this was the loveliest autumn weekend a girl could have hoped for. I’m totally happy and recharged because of it, ready for a new work week.

I hope you had the lovely autumn weekend too — minus the alcohol fumes out of your pores and pounding head, and that you were exposed to lots of things to be thankful for too. Be it your family, your hobby, the great weather, the fact that you DIDN’T have a hang-over this week…Let’s be happy about it. And let’s take it with us into this week to make it awesome.


That’s all folks!

*I don’t know, man. I don’t know.

**My favorites were the brocolli-blue cheese quiche, bacon-date, and seaweed noodles. 

***I feel as strongly about that fucking chocolate bar as I do about Nespresso: “What else?”

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  1. Ik heb ook een heerlijk weekend achter de rug, dus ik snap helemaal hoe je je voelt. Vrijdag had ik heerlijk gewerkt en naderhand nog ff een borreltje gedronken, gisteren lekker geluncht in Amsterdam met mama en zusje en net heerlijk uit eten geweest met een van mijn beste vriendinnetjes. Life’s good.

  2. Ik word stiekem ook altijd een beetje gelukkig van samen brak zijn met mensen waar ik graag (in wat voor staat dan ook) bij in de buurt ben. Het heeft iets heel gezelligs, want je bent toch een beetje ziek, en dus moet je voor elkaar zorgen, ofzo.

    1. Nou DIT inderdaad precies! Ik haat een kater maar het heeft echt iets onwijs gezelligs dat je een beetje met z’n allen aan het creperen bent en voor elkaar zorgt! :’)

  3. Ik word stiekem ook altijd een beetje gelukkig van samen brak zijn met mensen waar ik graag (in wat voor staat dan ook) bij in de buurt ben. Het heeft iets heel gezelligs, want je bent toch een beetje ziek, en dus moet je voor elkaar zorgen, ofzo.

  4. De Tony is geniaal. Maar het antwoord op “What else?” zou nog wel eens kunnen zijn dat er ergens deze week limited editions uitkomen!
    Klinkt als een mooi weekend, overigens; tof hoe je de ontwikkeling beschrijft.

  5. Lianne,
    Ik heb een hele leuke tip!
    Je kan in ruil voor recensies ( Op amazon etc) en recencies op je blog,
    boeken naar je toe krijgen gestuurd. ( Boeken van Hayhouse, self help vooral)
    Op dit moment enkel voor us en canada (paperback) Maar binnekort grote kans dat er e-books worden verstuurd buiten de us! Aangezien je al een paar reviews hebt gemaakt op je blog, denk ik dat dit je waarschijnlijk super interresant lijkt. Je kan meer info vinden op :
    Dit is geen reclame of iets! Als je klikt op de site zal je het wel zien, have fun 🙂 greetings!

  6. I just discovered your blog on Bloglovin, and I love it! You are awesome. 🙂
    I am thankful that I did NOT get a hangover after going out Friday night, and for having a nice, lazy weekend.
    Can’t wait to read more of your blog!
    xo, Veronica