Girl Does Yoga: In September


Soooo, I was planning on doing a monthly article on the yoga classes I did that month. Lord knows I can’t do weekly Anythings, but I like monthly articles. It is the only structure on my blog I seem to be able to handle. Most of the time anyway.

I had intended to write a monthly article on the different classes I do, the struggles I still experience in terms of work-life balance as well as resistance, and all the positive effects and experiences I have in my yoga practice.

But alas, this is ending before it even began. Click on to read about my yoga practice in September and how I fucking broke my ankle.

BIKRAM YOGA I only went 4 times this month. The reality of the situation is simple: I had more work to do than I thought I would. But also, and this was a main reason: My boyfriend is just so much fun I spent a lot of the time I should do yoga hanging out with him. We just went to do fun stuff a lot as well as work on his boat. Damn that guy!

But thank the heavens for my friend that I go to Bikram Yoga with every once in a while. We get each other to the yoga studio and that’s awesome. Plus, we have coffee after so that’s even better.

YOGA BOOTCAMP CLUB I went to the kick off and I loved it. I think it is one of the best and versatile ways to get into yoga (and a little bit of running).

BIKRAM YOGA BERLIN When Will and I were in Berlin for our anniversary, I went to Sun Yoga while Will took a nap. Which was wonderful. And terrifying. The German Bikram yoga dialogue is easy enough to follow, and my teacher was soft enough to compensate for it, but German is such a drill sergeant-esque language you can’t help but to feel like you’re in boot camp! ARMEN GEGEN IHNEN KOPF is my favorite line ever.

OVERALL CONCLUSION I did do yoga, so that’s nice. For that I’m grateful to myself, and my friend who texts me about setting yoga dates. But I would like to do more.

Mostly because I was really starting to just have fun with it again. Just move and do what the teacher tells you, calming your mind and not taking it so seriously. One class I just half-assed it because I felt that would be good for me to try. I just thought to myself “let’s enjoy this and not try so hard” and it was one of my favourite classes in a while. I need to do that more often (in yoga and in life).

The problem with my inconsistent practice is that you feel like you start from scratch every single class.

Because when I did three classes in one week I enjoyed the third class SO much more than the other classes. I could do so much more in the sequence than in my once-a-week-classes. Both physically and mentally, you really feel the difference. That was a really powerful reminder to go more than once a week.

So I had two goals. Have more fun with it, be more relaxed with it, and go more often.

And of course, I had big plans to make that happen.

But then…


PLOT TWIST I broke my ankle.

It was 22:20, I was coming home from a dinner date with Mariet and was in the subway station.

I was walking down a flight of stairs, looked up or down or God knows where, and completely missed 3 steps. Landed on my left ankle. My first thought through blinding pain was Jenna Marble’s reaction to bleaching her hair: “that was not good for it.”

Two really nice gentlemen helped me up and out of the station and I could not put any weight on my left leg without feeling like I was going to faint.

So Will picked me up from the station (yay piggy back ride to the car). After almost fainting again when I was home, we decided to get it checked out. One doctor and one X-ray later I was getting a cast, a bunch of pain killers and…wait for it…DIY anti-trombosis medicine injections.

Every night for the upcoming two weeks I have to go through a moment of Fear Factor terror before managing to put a needle in my own damn self. It is awful.

And, not gonna lie, right now? I am really frustrated about the situation.

It is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I underestimated how limited your movements become with a cast and your hands in crutches. My cast is really heavy and all my muscles hurt from walking with crutches and trying to navigate the heavy cast around.

I hate asking other people to help me out with things, I want to go to walk, work, cycle and drive a car, and I can’t. I am continuously  cussing myself out for being such a clumsy clusterfuck of a person.

However, I am going to try and be graceful about it, use my time on the couch with my leg up in the air wisely, and see it as learning experience.

LESSON ONE One thing I already learnt: Now that I can’t DO yoga because an actual physical reason, I feel like punching myself for bailing on my yoga practice when I was perfectly able to, and just made excuses.

Because now I have to wait 6 weeks before I can do anything physical again, and it freaking sucks.

So, let that be a life lesson for anyone else too: Do it now, you might break something and then you won’t be able to.

For now, bye bye yoga mat and Girl Does Yoga. See you when I see you!

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  1. Gosh, that sounds AWFUL!! Hope you are feeling better soon… Are you able to sleep? Or does it hurt a lot? Take care! xx

    PS: I’m an evil person, because I immediately thought after reading this: YAY, she will have more time to blog! I’ll go and sit in that corner now….

  2. really really big cuddle for you, this sounds awful. i remember how much i hated being unable to do things when i burned my leg, and that was only for a couple weeks.. so i feel for you, man. hope it heals quickly! (that’s something i did take from the legburn, i was like yass body look at you heal! so quickly and beautifully, go youu. it made me feel thankful for my body taking care of me/herself. haha is that too sickly sweet? oh well.)

  3. That suuuuucks. Wat een heerlijk gracieuze manier om je enkel te breken, precies zoals ik het ook zou doen. Zou niet de eerste keer zijn dat ik midden op een station van of op de trap donder… Zoals je zelf al deels zegt: accepteer het en gebruik je tijd goed! Sterkte en een dikke knuffel :).

  4. Oef. Dat is echt heel erg vervelend. Sterkte, met uitrusten. Fijne is wel dat je veel tijd met je vriend kunt doorbrengen. Hoef je nadat het gips er af is, je niet schuldig te voelen als je 3x per week naar yoga gaat.

  5. I’ve had the exact same conclusion after I broke my ankle in July 🙂
    Don’t worry, it heals pretty quickly after you get it out 🙂 I can do everything again, except run and jump.. You’ll get better! 🙂

  6. Ooooh, wat gruwelijk. Ik heb vrij zwakke enkels, en ze meerdere keren (zwaar) gekneusd, dus ik kan me enigszins indenken wat een pijn dat moet doen. En naalden? Fuck it, I’m out.

    Balen voor je, man! Misschien kun je een ander tijdverdrijf kiezen zodat je minder baalt dat je geen yoga kunt doen? Bepaalde boeken lezen? Een taal leren? Kijken hoeveel chocola je kunt eten totdat je in een suikercoma belandt? Ik roep maar iets. 😉

  7. Hey, really sorry to hear about your broken ankle. I remember when I was younger and fractured both wrists. Lot less responsibilities back then. But, you’re almost into your second week, so keep your chin up 🙂

    What did you think of the yoga you managed to get to? I recently started doing yoga poses as a way of getting back in touch with my body and less stuck in my head. Such an amazing feeling!

    I agree with feeling out of place when you don’t do it regularly, or just start. When I go to a class everyone else can do things so much better than me haha.

    Take care!