1. Elise says:

    I’m not really into yoga myself, but this preview is more about life and thought-patterns than yoga. So I think I am going to read it after all. I’m curious 🙂

    Anyway, no matter what topic it’s about: it’s so cool that you’re going to publish your own E-Book at this age. Inspiring

    • The Self Help Hipster says:

      Elise, it’s not really ‘about yoga’! It’s actually about life, thought patterns, success, discipline, habits and relationships. I’ll explain more Wednesday but the book is for everyone, not just for people who are into yoga, promise!

  2. Sandra says:

    so curious! Can’t wait to read it. Actually It’s kinda good you didn’t finish it yet, otherwise I would read your book instead of my studybooks this week. (I have exams…) TY universe! 😉

    • The Self Help Hipster says:

      Fijn he, ik mag nu even niet ivm tattoo maar het is zo’n heerlijk gevoel. En slapen daarna is inderdaad als een baby. Wat voor yoga doe je?

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