Girl Meets Yoga: Quick Sneak Peek.

… I can now do things physically I hadn’t even imagined two years ago. I mean, I get my leg up in the air and everything, it’s all very impressive, you don’t even know. Thing is, when you realize the things you always told yourself are impossible turn out not to be, that’s when the idea of impossible truly becomes obsolete.

And apparently I can get my body to do these previously impossible things. Cool. That must mean the mind is capable of achieving things I formerly labeled as impossible as well. I like that. Taking the idea of possible over impossible.


It’s so comforting to know that impossible things are very rare. A lot of things are frightening or intimidating, some are actually quite a stretch! But really impossible? Hardly ever the case.


Those ancient ideas about yourself, about your discipline, flexibility, endurance? So limiting. Let go of everything you believed before about your abilities, whether physically or mentally. Have you always thought you wouldn’t be able to touch your toes, do 100 push ups in a row, write more than 15 000 words on a single topic, go abroad by yourself, go scuba diving? Let it all go. You don’t have to think of these things as impossible. These things stop being impossible; they are added to the list of things you could do.

You don’t have to do them. I’m just saying that you could.

Written by SHH