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  • Self-discipline explained.
  • Discipline explained again
  • 30 Day Trials explained.
  • My at home yoga routine 30 day trial: 1, 23 & the wrap-up.
  • My Desperate Housewife (Leaving The Kitchen Clean) 30 Day Trial: 1

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  1. im realy interested in self help literature 2 and my obsession is to be highly self disciplined.

  2. Hi Lianne!

    I am a year behind the times and hope you’re still using this. I stumbled upon your site while typing into Google: self help for broken heart. My boyfriend, of 5 years and a bit, and I broke up about three weeks ago. I was the instigator of this mess I am now in! We just weren’t on the same page anymore. It was the hardest decision of my twenty-six years. I wanted to stay friends with him, but it has been very difficult. With him making jokes about me calling him for a ‘booty call.’ I have more morals than that thank you very much (although we did have sex twice after I broke up with him – oops! I feel very guilty for my weaknesses in letting him coax me into having sex with me)! Both people have to be on the same terms with the ‘being friends card’ I know. It’s so hard to know what he wants to do when he tells me it’s whatever I want that will make me happy. Yesterday, I told him that we shouldn’t be in contact with each other for a month so that we can get our heads and hearts around the fact that we aren’t together anymore and to think about where our relationship is going. I am not sure I will be able to hold this together as he was the person I talked to about everything, my best friend. I’m not sure if this will make or beak our friendship relationship. I guess time will only tell.

    Anyways, I didn’t mean to give you my whole sap story!! I just wanted to tell you that some of your articles have made an impact on my life! Thank you! :)

    • Hi Annamarie, I hope you’re doing okay and that you’re taking the time and space you need in order to get things right again. Take care of yourself, I’m glad anything I wrote might have helped you in whatever way! XO

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