The Eyewish Eyewear Experience


My website’s mailbox is usually a clusterfuck of spam, Korean SEO companies and Nigerian princes who want to send me their money.

But Ketchum PR’s email invitation to the first Eyewish fashion show, with the offer to pick out a new pair of glasses was a shining beacon of hope in my deeply unfabulous email folder.




DSC_0082 (I’m not sure if I liked these glasses or if I just liked the model: So pretty.)


The Eyewish eyewear fashion show took place in Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, and showcased all these new styles in glasses for the upcoming season — both for regular glasses and sunglasses.

(I’m linking you through to the press release, not because I have to, but because I really like the pictures of the glasses they put in it. It turned out impossible to adequately photograph the swaying models from the angle that I was in.)

I had fun sitting next to the impeccably styled Mary Josie, sipping my wine and watching beautiful models parading up and down the catwalk with glasses on. The cat eye shaped glasses caught my attention straight away: I think they are going to be huge.

After the fashion show, you had the opportunity to browse through the new frames and try them on.


These were my favourite; cat eye and dark. Although I do feel you have to be careful with black frames: They usually look nice when it’s summer because you have a bit of a tan, but once you pale up in winter it becomes rather harsh.


To my surprise I really liked these weird pink ones too: Not just on the model, but on myself too.


I have actually seen these glasses look beautiful on other people (I have a few students who rock this frame), but on me they scream ‘psychopath’ and ‘sex offender’.


This is almost exactly my old pair of glasses: Horn, and sort of square. Mine were Armani from 2011 (!). I could do with an upgrade.

(Also shout out to Sophie in the background, as well as a whole bunch of really nice girls I wish I remembered the names of. I always think I know most of the blogosphere. Turns out I really don’t.)


For the fans. You’re welcome.



Lucky girl I am, I received a voucher with my attendance to pick out a new pair of glasses. I was so excited about this, as Eyewish has always been my actual optometrist and I LOVE them.

From when I a dorky little 9-year old who started to squint when trying to read what was on the chalk board, through me being a teenager and hell bound on getting contact lenses, to the adult version of me who uses both her glasses and contacts: Everything eye-related I do at Eyewish.

The people that work at Eyewish in Hoogvliet (near Rotterdam) are skilled, professional as well as really nice and helpful. I couldn’t resist letting them shine on my blog as well:


From left to right: Jan, Remco (he checks my contacts every six months), Els (branch manager) and Helena (who picked out my new glasses for me!) Not pictured is Chantal, who wasn’t working that Saturday I was in the store.


I was basically in the store from 10 to 1 with my mom, having coffee and trying out different frames.

Helena helped us that day, and she was very friendly and helpful. Giving us her opinion, adjusting when necessary and offering up alternative options. Between his check up appointments Remco would join and weigh in on the different frames and chat with my mom and me.

And then, Helena picked up these Fendi glasses for me and that was that. I love that my optometrist knows my taste better than I do.


Helena also remeasured my eyes for the best fit in terms of lenses.



 Here they are in action (well, not really, I’m just sitting, this was post-ankle breaking)

I love them so much. Not only because of the gorgeous frame, but because of Helena’s patience and skill with which she measured my eyes and their current needs (your eyes get increasingly worse, unfortunately), I now have on glasses that have an amazingly clear and sharp vision while still being very comfortable.

So yeah. I got to see a fashion show and write about my optometrist. Thanks Eyewish. See you in 5 months when my contact check up is due!

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  1. HAHAHA. Geweldige bril heb je uitgekozen, ik heb ‘m ook 😀 We moeten elkaar maar eens tegenkomen op de uni en dan afspreken dat we onze bril op zetten 😀 Hij is echt heel leuk. En lol, ik op de achtergrond. Charmant :DDDD

  2. Leuk montuur! Ik neem ook altijd de tijd om een goed montuur te vinden als ik bij de opticien ben. Ik ga niet voor het goedkoopste montuurtje, mijn glazen zijn helaas duur, maar het is toch iets dat ik bijna ieder wakker moment op mijn neus heb staan. En als je dan de prijs per dag berekend, ach, dan valt het eigenlijk best mee.