EBOOKS Occasionally I publish short ebooks about stuff.

Sometimes for free, sometimes the proceeds go to charity, other times I make BUCKETS OF MONEY ALL FOR MYSELF (kidding, but the small amounts I do make I use the money for hosting, buying more self help books, coffee and the occasional cupcake).

Below is everything I wrote before. Take a look!




sh start

SELF HELP STARTER PACK A collection of essays, lists, exercises and suggestions about general self help, health and manifesting, 71 (!) pages long, 25 000 words of self help wisdom.

All profits of this ebook go to The Girl Effect, an organization that focuses on helping girls all over the world get the education, health care and support that they deserve. Read more about it here. Buy it here for 6USD (which is 4.40EUROS), or click the button below.  



A PDF of almost 12 000 words, 27 pages, filled from top to bottom with great, useable and fun Law of Attraction information and exercises! If you wanna know more about The Secret type stuff, but in a way that’s easier to accept and digest, this may be something you’d like.

You can read all the info about this e-book in this blog post. You put this ebook on your tablet, read it on your computer or print it out to take with you and spill coffee on if you’re anything like me.

You can get it here for 5.50 USD, which is only 4 euros.


Another PDF of almost 12,000 words, 42 pages! In this little e-book I set out theories about automatic behavior and habits to help you better understand WHY you have a hard time with consciously changing or creating habits.

Also added are some important perspective shifts, some inspiration and finally a couple of exercises to boot! You can get it here for only 5.50 USD with Paypal, which converts to only 4 euros.


combo cover

You want both? Buy the combopack here for just 9.00$ (converts to 6,50Euros).


  1. Karin says:

    Heb het net gelezen en ik vind het heel herkenbaar (ook al ben ik niet zo fanatiek bezig als jij, but I’m getting closer). Keep up the good work:) Leuk geschreven!

  2. Emmelien says:

    Wauw! Ik kwam je blog net tegen via de groene meisjes en heb direct je hele boek gelezen. Ik heb nog nooit geyoga’t (ik geloof niet dat dat een woord is), maar ik weet wel dat ik dat nu wil gaan proberen!

  3. Rosanne says:

    Leuk om jouw verhaal te lezen! Erg leuk geschreven!
    Zou je misschien een keer ook een soort yoga artikel kunnen schrijven, met jouw favoriete oefeningen?

  4. Joëlle says:

    Ik volg je al langere tijd via twitter en lig regelmatig in een deuk om je kijk op dingen. Nu download ik je boek en lig ik in een deuk om je copyright. You go girl!

  5. Samantha says:

    Hi there
    I bought your Law of Attraction lecture a while back along with the notes but for some reason I don’t have the notes anymore! Is there any way you could email them to me please?
    Thanks so much!

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