E-Book Announcement & Give Away.

I really wasn’t kidding. I’m not going to turn 24 and not have some form of book on my name. Now before you all die of curiosity* I’d like to reveal a couple of things about it.

  • It was 4,000 words of unfinished business of me over the last year about all the things I’ve learnt during my experience with yoga.It’s now quickly becoming finished business (with a lot of extra words).
  • But it will be a very sweet, short and simple e-book, really. Nothing colorful or fancy. Pretty much just a lot of text.
  • It’s called ‘Girl Meets Yoga’.
  • It will be available from April 18th
  • It will be a free e-book. Consider it my birthday gift to you and myself.
  • There will also be a few hard copies available that will be available.
  • I do know that I will give away three of those copies, with a signature and a bad ass message for whoever wins!
  • All you’ve got to do is tell me you want one in the comments and I will draw three names next week.
  • (Feel free to add me on Twitter/Bloglovin’ to really get your point across that you want that copy of the Limited Β Edition First Self Help Hipster Book In The History of The Planet, but whatever**)

*Actually it was more of a ‘before-I-burst-from-excitement-kind of thing, but I’m trying to play it cool.Β 


Written by SHH