1. sabine @ some-like-it-raw.com says:

    http://remudagolf.com/?node=Gonzos-Quest-hedelm%C3%A4pelit-netiss%C3%A4&f29=f1 Gonzos Quest hedelmäpelit netissä

    omg i could have written this post (only way less funny and witty, of course).

    “People seem to have this aversion against being vulnerable and honest, but I say ‘fuck it’. Life’s too short to play games. Even if you don’t get what you want, at least you are a sincere badass that saves time by being direct”

    is my motto. (alongside a few about chocolate).

    its like, im so over fucking games. ive actually never liked ’em. ive noticed sometimes a guy is put off by this and they confuse my honesty (het, i like you. wanna do something fun?) as either too straight forward or me being too available. and at first that could get to me and i would tone my ‘behavior’ down, acting more hard to get. but you know what? if you’re awesome and i like you, i am not hard to get at all, lol. i only come across as hard to get when i actually am, for that particular person (bc im ‘just not that into him’).

  2. Anne says:

    Daten… Zal wel eens tijd worden, gezien mijn leeftijd. Maar ik denk dat niemand me ziet zitten, dus ik kijk niet eens meer om me heen. Hmm, je zet me wel aan het denken. 🙂

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