How To Work With Your Own Thoughts:

Hi! Allow me to get right to the chase: You’re in control of your own thoughts! If you don’t feel like you are, you can be. You should get on that shit. It’s a process, something you become increasingly good at with training. That it might take some effort at first, but…That shouldn’t stop you. Because the premise you can’t govern what goes on in your own damn head is weird and wrong on so … Read more

‘Not Thinking’: What & How I Learnt

The concept of ‘Not Thinking’ was always lost on me. And ridiculous. Like most people, I honestly could not grasp how one could make their head shut up: my thoughts never stop racing through some sort of colorful vortex of mental images, words and the occasional hilarious meme*. It’s entertaining, but exhausting. Not to mention the fact that when you’re completely focused on what’s already in your head, nothing new can get in. I can’t … Read more

Negative thoughts: Lift the ban & Face the facts.

No negativity allowed in your head is a very nice sentiment. We should all only say, think and feel good and positive things. What a wonderful world it would be! It really would be great if we could only be positive, but the reality is that every now and again, we’re going to say, think and feel bad things. About ourselves, about other people, things and situations. Because as awesome as it would be, last … Read more