Law of Attraction: Faking It The Right Way

One step in Manifesting that throws everyone for a loop is ‘Pretending You Have Already Received It’. I mean, they’re basically telling you that you are going to have to pretend you already have the degree, the abs, the boyfriend, the peace of mind and maybe the shoes. But how do you do that without feeling like a big fat phony? It can be super effective; if you can do it right, you start living … Read more

Manifesting: Show Me The Money.

My part time job of teaching at university is one of the reasons I love getting up in the morning. Psychology, traching and motivated, intelligent people — for the most part, of course. I’m not one to complain, but a definite albeit surmountable downside is that a part time job doesn’t come with a full time job salary. A definite glitch in my Evil Master Plan, I know. I can make due, but last month … Read more

Manifesting Unrealistically!

My own article about realism in manifesting got me thinking — wow, there’s a narcissist statement if there ever was one. I started wondering about my own manifesting (I’ll do a longer separate post about this some other time). Do I also try to manifest unrealistically? Absolutely. I have crazy manifesting-sessions where I go nuts on unreasonably outrageous Universal requests. I think know this can also work under the right conditions. It might require some more … Read more

Law of Attraction & Realism.

Sometimes when you work with the Law of Attraction you can do everything right and it still won’t work. You visualize until your mind’s eye starts spinning, construct the perfect phrasings and convey the right emotions like you’re working in a chemical lab: It still doesn’t quite catch. This type of thing is exactly why the critics think they’re dealing with a bunch of hooey. But actually, what we’re dealing with is just a small … Read more

Allowing: A Helpful Quote & Metaphor.

I was reading Gabby Bernstein’s first book this weekend, called ‘Add More ~Ing To Your Life (a book review later this week). Whereas the entire book was better than I remembered from the first time, I read something so inherently awesome I couldn’t resist some premature sharing. Background Story: Gabby is coaching this woman who is working with the Law of Attraction: trying to manifest a relationship. Like most of us, the woman gets a … Read more

May Manifesting: What I Learnt.

As promised, I’d wrap up what I learnt this past month about working with the Law of Attraction and manifesting things into your life. This was a very Conscious Manifestation month and this brought a lot of new things to my attention. First of all: Everything starts with your mindset and the things you think. This is basically the building block of life. If you manage to guide your thoughts and navigate your mindset (at … Read more

May Manifesting: The Wrap Up!

I promised I’d give you a run down of the things I’ve been able to manifest the past couple of weeks. I think it went pretty well and although I didn’t manifest everything, both what did come into my life and what didn’t gave me some useful lessons. I like this exercise a lot: I think it helped a lot tuning my mind into the right things as well as pick up a few lessons … Read more

Manifest Technique: Your Treasure Chest

This is one technique that is very powerful when it comes to manifesting things you want: It’s thorough, fun, and there is  a big empathis of letting go. You can do this exercise once every six months, a year, maybe even less and you store the box with your wishlists until at a certain point, you’ve actually forgotten everything you’ve asked for. When you then open the box again and you’re usually amazed at how … Read more

Law of Attraction: Giving up & Moving On.

An interesting question arose in the comments* about the limits of the Law of Attraction. Because sometimes there’s a point where you should stop, because if you don’t, that’s just a little sad and/or creepy. What if you don’t get that house, that job, that boyfriend? Do you keep holding on, trying to manifest them into your life? Do you let go? And isn’t that giving up? Are you now a Law of Attraction Loser? … Read more