May 042015


Are you in a funk? Stuck in rut?  Same shit, different day? Newsflash: We don’t have to do things the way we always do them. We can do things differently.

This is a a very easy method I sometimes use to help myself think outside of the box and get unstuck. Here is article by Steve Pavlina that inspired me to do something similar.

Click below for what I do.

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Jan 282015

how to make a big decision

Sometimes you guys ask me questions. And I think about them. And then I want to answer. But I forget, I have no time, or I have a brain wave and write something that I find hilarious but that isn’t even remotely helpful.

A question that people ask me a lot is how to make a big decision. Like, a big, potentially life changing decision.

I’ve been thinking about this question a lot. I don’t think I’m the best person to answer it. Then again, I’m not the worst either.

So here’s how to make a big decision, after the jump.

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Jan 192015



(Not my real and meaningful vision board, but yay visual extra content. Plus, do really want that girl’s sweater.) 

Visionboards are all the rage when one year draws to a close, and a new one begins.

For those of you who don’t know, what you do when you make a vision board is you basically create a beautiful collage that represents what you want to have, what you want to do, and what you want to be. It’s basically creative visual (and hopeful) planning.

And it gives us something to do. Us bitches get bored.

I did mine for 2015 for the 50 Days Until 2015 E-Book. It is totally the same as in the book, but the text is edited and updated to my Actual 2015 here and there.

Wanna see? Actual vision board and article on it below!

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Jan 122015

this year's code

“Before the New Year was rung in, I spent a couple of mornings thinking about 2015. I read some great articles that really helped me form clear, simple ideas about how I want to live.

It wasn’t so much about goals, it was about more about how I wanted to do things in general. A way to think and act in everything that I do. A Code, if you will.”

For the first Code of Conduct, click here. For the second one, click ‘Read more’.

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Jan 082015


Before the New Year was rung in, I spent a couple of mornings thinking about 2015. I read some great articles that really helped me form clear, simple ideas about how I want to live.

It wasn’t so much about goals, it was about more about how I wanted to do things in general. A way to think and act in everything that I do. A Code, if you will.

This was the first and most important thing I decided on. Click on if you want to read Rule Number One in my Code for 2015.

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Dec 142014


 (Source: Getty Images for MTV)

At this point, Queen B can do no wrong. Fan base? THE WORLD.

I didn’t always like Beyonce (cue gasps of horror and possible deportation off the Internet).

I don’t like Goody Two Shoes, and she was just so wholesome and God-loving and perfect and ugh. I need a little grime with my idols.

But when the VideoPhone music video with Gaga was released? I was GONE.

And then Beyonce dropped Beyonce (2013) and became a feminist and sexy as hell and a mom and a kick ass entertainer and a business woman and I was like YES. YES. SO MUCH YES AND ALL OF THE YES.

And Beyonce can teach us a thing or two.

Not because we should try to do everything while looking as fabulous as she does: we don’t have a million dollars to spend on assistants, babysitters and pedicures. Not because we should try to be in a relationship like hers: I have my doubts about the authenticity of some aspects of her life. Girl knows how to work the media.

No need to become a Beyonce clone. But because say what you want about her, the woman is an artist. And an inspiration. And she uses her image, her music and her life in very interesting and inspiring ways.

So here’s a list of life lessons from Beyonce according to me. Be inspired to be a little more Queen Bee in your everyday life, for the better. Bown down bitches.

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Nov 072014



Summer may be my favorite season (OF ALL TIME), but I can appreciate all different seasons for their beauty and characteristics. Except when it’s cold, then I hate everything.

And my second favorite season is autumn. I like the leafs, the new beginning in September, sunny autumn days. The food is definitely another big reason for me to like autumn.

I like to make the most of each season, and here’s how I like to do that, with a list of things to do this fall. Activities and things to do in autumn, for your entertainment and inspiration.

(Fun fact about this article: I actually wrote this in July, with my butt on a pearly white beach in Thailand after reading this article by Mariet. And then I forgot about it until I read this article by Lisanne. Thanks for the inspiration and the reminder, ladies.)

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Jun 162014


I read this article by Lisanne on making sure your old content doesn’t go to waste and I thought I’d do something inspired: Make a recap of my discipline posts!

Oldies but goodies. Like Hugh Laurie and Idris Elba (prrrrr).

Anyway. I hope they serve you well this Monday morning — although they’re not as sexy as the oldies but goodies mentioned above. Enjoy!


“So. I was thinking about motivation. More specifically how we start doing things. To be even more specific, I started thinking about that one moment where it happens: We actually start.

We start to do something new. A new routine emerges. We finally do that thing we’ve been putting off for a while. We get up from the couch and get into action. We stop procrastinating.

What happens in that moment? What is that defining thing that creates the momentum? I think it’s in that thing where the real shift happens. In that moment, that magic happens; in that moment change begins, new habits start, new roads are taken.”

- The Click, the Fire, and how to get it. 


Because self discipline is about you. It’s not about this ideal vision of a person who runs 10K every day, who never does anything bad and who constantly has perfect scores. It’s about you. It’s about you, running three times a week steadily. It’s about how you train yourself to write for 2 hours after dinner, even though you’re in a food coma and House is on. It’s about teaching yourself the right patterns, the right habits and sticking to them. It’s a process. It’s something you get better and better at, over time, as long as you keep trying.” 

- Self Discipline, what it is and what it isn’t. 


“But this book by Steve Pavlina has a very calm ‘voice’. It’s not chest-poundy at all. Instead it’s very relaxed…but radically truthful and enlightening.

The energy behind the writing is very clear and whenever I read it, I don’t start pounding my own chest – instead I start thinking and figuring things out. It’s nice. I compiled my favorite quotes for you. Take a look.” 

- My Favorite Steve Pavlina Quotes 


“The point of discipline is not a restrictive one, but one of expansion. Whatever it is you start doing (exercise routine, language course, daily sex) or stop doing (smoking, drinking, being judgmental), you’re doing it because you want to create more possibilities and opportunities for yourself. You try to create extra space for who you are and who you want to be, you do it because you believe you will benefit from it and it will improve your life.

See? More good thing! More – not less. This is liberating, expanding!”

– Restrictive discipline vs Relaxed discipline. 


Habits are the building blocks of all this. Discipline is not some switch you pull and now you’re suddenly running three times a week, cleaning your bathroom faithfully, reading every day, studying with straight A’s and curing world hunger in your spare time.

Discipline is a bunch of habits lined up, neatly stacked up against each other, creating a life in which you do all the things you want to do for yourself.”

– Discipline is training, not a trick.


“The things we want to do for ourselves are constant. How badly we want to achieve them and work for them, that stuff is under the influence of temporary and variable external factors, like moods, life events and biological changes. Now, how important are we going to let those things be? The right answer would be ‘not very’.

Moods change. A goal doesn’t.”

A (Cold) Shower Epiphany.