How to Win At Making Friends

So. You met someone. They’re nice. Funny. Easy to talk to. Their .GIF usage is ON POINT.


You do NOT want to take them out, you do NOT want their pants off. You just wanna hang out! Have a drink! Share a pizza, and maybe have a drink!

Isn’t it weird that this can actually be WAY more complicated to dating or having sex with someone? How the hell do you win at making friends?!

This requested article had me stumped for a couple of weeks. But I tried to break it down for you. How to win at making friends.

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How to Write Your Own Code of 2016 (With Me!)

(pictures Aline Bouma

After I put up my article about my Code for 2016, a few people responded enthusiastically about the idea of a code, and wanting to write their own! Which I think is totally cool. I wanted to help you out a little with yours, by sharing my basic ideas and tips about writing your Code for the year.

(And I offer the option to write it with me? Because that seems fun.)

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How To Work With Your Own Thoughts:

Hi! Allow me to get right to the chase: You’re in control of your own thoughts! If you don’t feel like you are, you can be. You should get on that shit. It’s a process, something you become increasingly good at with training. That it might take some effort at first, but…That shouldn’t stop you. Because the premise you can’t govern what goes on in your own damn head is weird and wrong on so … Read more

A Trick To Solve A Lot Of Your Problems.

There are some things you just won’t read in self help book, things you won’t know until you find out for yourself…Or you know, until a random self help blogger finds out and runs to the Internetz to tell you. I believe this is one thing that can really help your life beyond anything else. It will make it easier to go exercise. It will make it harder for you to procrastinate. You will get … Read more

Course Sneak Peek: 15 Self Help Suggestions

This list is a sneak-peek of what kind of material Self Help Course Level 1 entailed: I mostly send out longer text-material on Mondays and provide fun lists & exercises to entertain my students with over the weekend. I couldn’t resist sharing this little Self Help Suggestions with you that my students got the second week: It was a favorite. I don’t know when I will be doing a Self Help Course again, but consider … Read more

Becoming Better At A Language.

Another language can be tricky to learn and tiring to keep up. But it’s worth it! In fact, being a bi- (or tri- or quadruple) lingual is not only neat and handy in other countries, it’s also really good for your brain. There are quite some cognitive advantages to being (moderately) okay  in different languages. But when you snooze, you lose your language just as much as you would lose any other skill you stop training. … Read more

Healthy Eating While Traveling/Abroad

At home, I have a juicer, a blender and a greenly accessorized fridge. On the road and while camping I have a miniature cooler, freaky gas station or local supermarket food and maybe a knife if I can find it in the trunk of the car. Maybe. Needless to say maintaining my usual healthy diet is downright impossible and any type of healthy diet is somewhat of a challenge. But hey, you gotta make due. Impossible … Read more

Law of Attraction & Realism.

Sometimes when you work with the Law of Attraction you can do everything right and it still won’t work. You visualize until your mind’s eye starts spinning, construct the perfect phrasings and convey the right emotions like you’re working in a chemical lab: It still doesn’t quite catch. This type of thing is exactly why the critics think they’re dealing with a bunch of hooey. But actually, what we’re dealing with is just a small … Read more

How To Get Away From Your Computer.

Oh Internetz, how I love you. So much inspirational material available, countless hilarious Internet memes and all these awesome people only a click away. I love it. The Internet is in my top 5 Abstract Concepts I Would Marry List*. But let’s face it: Too much Badluck Brians and brainless Youtube videos isn’t good for a person. We spend shitloads of time on stupid websites while we could be doing other stuff. We all know … Read more

How To Deal With Criticism: A Few Tips.

A co-worker calls us sloppy, a superior has some points of improvements, a friend doesn’t appreciate a certain comment or action. Some dick on the Internet thrashes you because there was nothing good on TV. Whereas this is hardly a Dramatic Life Event, we can take this shit really hard. We obsess about it. We don’t let it go. It makes us question ourselves and who we are. Before you know it, we start fetal … Read more