Random Time, Two Random Goals.

You can set goals on meaningful moments. Like New Year’s Eve or your birthday, the start of a new week or a sparkling new month: Those times when you’re on the brink of something new, the future seems wide open. You feel like you can have a clean slate and a fresh start. It’s always good to write down goals, dreams and wishes for that upcoming time that’s still for the taking; it helps you … Read more

May Manifesting: The Wrap Up!

I promised I’d give you a run down of the things I’ve been able to manifest the past couple of weeks. I think it went pretty well and although I didn’t manifest everything, both what did come into my life and what didn’t gave me some useful lessons. I like this exercise a lot: I think it helped a lot tuning my mind into the right things as well as pick up a few lessons … Read more

May Goal Wrap Up Post.

Oh, May. What the fuck happened here. It wasn’t even a shit month or anything, I was fine and dandy, but still. Hold onto your hipster glass and ironic hats, babies: I reached zero of my goals. Not the books I was going to read, not the yoga, not the juice fast, not the 10,000 words. Nada. Zip. Apart from some tequila-filled nights in Spain when I was 18, this May may be the worst example I’ve … Read more

Helpers To Create Your Ideal Future.

How to create your clear, pure and positive future? Well, lots of work, focus and determination of course and some very specific achievements, catering to each and everyone’s individual needs. However, I can’t really write your business plans or get your medical degrees for you, so instead I’m offering you some helpers that may help you design your perfect future, and getting you a few steps closer! 1. Make lists of what you would definitely … Read more

Dream on.

You know what I love most about being 24 years old? Even more than the always fun and embarassing “How old are you? “Twentythre- FUCK, no! Sorry! I meant twentyfour”-exchange? That I know exactly what I want. I mean, it’s embarrassingly out there and a little delusional, but I’m okay with it. The heart wants what it wants, non? Care to take the tour? I want to write. I will keep writing articles and blogs … Read more

When To Say ‘Fuck You’ To Your Goals.

As stated in this post, I had the ‘brilliant’ idea to eat raw food until dinner for four days out of seven a week. It’s not necessarily a bad goal, it’s just that I noticed it didn’t work for me at all. I’ve tried my hand at it for a day and it made me horribly depressed. And when something depresses me, I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t be doing it. It’s not that raw food depresses … Read more

Making May Magic: Goals This Month!

New month, new list of crazy shit I want to pull off. Read 4 (fiction!) books. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Oh my God, after the three whole books you read last month?! You really aim for the stars, don’t you?!”  Well, um, yeah, I don’t have a witty response to that. Click. I want to do a double yoga class 3 times this month. I’ve gotten over my irrational reluctance for them but I … Read more

April’s Fool: Goals Recap.

Oh, how I love April and how I loved April of 2012. Now that the end of the month is near I figured I’d do a quick review on what I did and didn’t do. You can find the original goal list here. I did read 3 books. Granted, it was the Hunger Games trilogy and holy-how can you not read those books instantly after the other, but I did read three books. I really … Read more

Let me Be April’s Fool: Goals.

Honestly, what day more perfect to loudly proclaim my goals than today? If my goals are outlandish and outrageous? I am kidding. If I can’t take the pressure and actually spend the entire month procrastinating and eating Ben&Jerry’s? I was kidding. If I was a diabolical evil genius (who’s to say if I’m not), I’d be laughing maniacally. And you know, outlandish and outrageous goals are good to have. They challenge you and teach you … Read more