Good Bikram Yoga Blogs: The Search.


Yesterday, I had a total Miranda Priestly moment with the Internet. For anyone who doesn’t know who Miranda Priestly is, first read the Devil Wears Prada, then watch the movie, then go on Tumblr. Enjoy.

For me a ‘Miranda Priestly moment’ is where I’m just generally unimpressed with something, surprised with someone’s incompetence or am just baffled by the lack of effort that’s been put into something. I don’t have a lot of these moments, but I do have them. I don’t deal well with incompetent people and low quality things.

But I don’t usually have Miranda Priestly moments with the Internet. That doesn’t usually happen. When I want something, the Internet provides.

Goats with human voices? 10 million hits.

Fucked up smut fanfiction? You name who you want to star as the characters, and the Internet will provide you with anything on anyone from every movie or television show ever.*

I mean, I even found THIS by accident. The Internet has EVERYTHING.

…Or so I thought.

Because what the Internet does NOT have, is a few good Bikram Yoga blogs to follow. Read about my rage and the eventual results below.

*Trust me on this one. I move in the deep dark dens of the Internet (Tumblr) and I’m into some weird ass shit.

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