NEW E-BOOK: Habits!

Hi guys! I’m very much enjoying my Do-Nothing Challenge this weekend! So there is no extra challenge for you today either. Just relax. Enjoy the things and people around you. However….If you want to read more written by yours truly, or if you want to create your own challenge in terms of habit change, that IS possible. I’m happy to announce you can totallyy do that with…Habits, my new e-book! Thanks to stolen moments of … Read more

Big Smile On Your Face: E-Book Sneak Peek!

For those of you that are new here: On my 24th birthday, I published a free, very short and simple little thing called ‘Girl Meets Yoga’. If you want to read it, all you have to do is click here: It’s very easy to read in iBooks on iPads & iPhones, but since it’s .PDF I think it’s Kindle-friendly too! Nowadays, whenever I have a little extra time (which is not that often, but still!) … Read more

Girl Meets Yoga: Quick Sneak Peek.

… I can now do things physically I hadn’t even imagined two years ago. I mean, I get my leg up in the air and everything, it’s all very impressive, you don’t even know. Thing is, when you realize the things you always told yourself are impossible turn out not to be, that’s when the idea of impossible truly becomes obsolete. And apparently I can get my body to do these previously impossible things. Cool. That … Read more