“Why do you write in English?!”

Despite my blunt tweet, (that I don’t really mean completely) I understand where the question comes from. I do. Dutch girl. Born and raised in the Netherlands. Dutch native speaker. Associated with Dutch bloggers, talks about them, mentions them, links them, talk to them – often in Dutch. But writes in English. Always. Yes. I can understand it’s a little peculiar. Allow me to explain why I do it. First of all, English has always … Read more

Becoming Better At A Language.

Another language can be tricky to learn and tiring to keep up. But it’s worth it! In fact, being a bi- (or tri- or quadruple) lingual is not only neat and handy in other countries, it’s also really good for your brain. There are quite some cognitive advantages to being (moderately) okay  in different languages. But when you snooze, you lose your language just as much as you would lose any other skill you stop training. … Read more

10 Things Good For The Brain

1: Have an Internet Free day. The constant stream of ever-updating information is eventually too much for even the most relaxed brain to handle. By shutting down your Internet for a day, you’ll be amazed how quiet and relaxed your mind is at the end of the day and how much more you can take in the days after. Also, procrastinating just became a lot harder without Twitter and WeHeartIt available. 2. Write with your … Read more

Auto Didacticism: Becoming Fluent in English

Most of you know I’m Dutch, but I’ve been on-line posing as an English writer for years now. But I wasn’t raised by bilingual parents. I didn’t come into contact with the English language until I was four years old: I didn’t even meet my  (distant) Canadian family until I was eight. But put me in an English speaking country and I am able to get by as easily as the next American, Brit, Aussie … Read more