Bootcamp Club 8 Weeks To Yoga Fit Update


I have been doing The Bootcamp Club 8 Weeks To Yoga Fit program every week since May 31st — except for Awakenings.

(I’ve abbreviated it in my mind to Bootcamp Club Yoga because holy Triangle, the entire name is a mouth full.)

The Saturday morning routine is nice. I wake up, drink water and change into my yoga clothes. I have a banana and take the car or bike to Kralingse Plas.

Five weeks in, I am getting kinda hooked. Read on if you want to know why.


(To the windoooooooow, to the wall!!) 


KRALINGSE PLAS I am in love with Saturday mornings at Kralingse Plas.

It’s so lively with all the runners, parents with kids and fitness groups doing their thing. Even when it’s clouded or rainy, it’s a nice place to start your weekend at.




INSTRUCTOR TESSA The perfect blend of power house and chill, with the ability to give very clear instructions about which body part goes where when doing exercises. Very good at what she does. If all Bootcamp Club trainers are like her, I’m down.



THE VARIETY I like the Tai Chi exercises, the Sun Salutations and some Pilates routines (The Pilates One Hundred are just the worst) with the short jogs in between. Some of the yoga postures come back once or twice, but Tessa always incorporates a few new ones in the session.

Last week? We tried Bird in a Basket and Flying Bird. The operative word being tried as I really couldn’t do it. Looked cool when Tessa did, though.

This yoga bootcamp thing is great if you want to try bootcamp but don’t want to be sore for 4 days after and if you want to get into yoga in a fun, outdoorsy way.

I’m gonna miss doing it for a while, but I’m seriously considering joining Bootcamp Club again after the summer.

There might be a new Yoga Fit program or yoga classes by that time, if I read the enthusiasm in our group correctly.

But I gotta admit: After all the stories of my Yoga Bootcamp buddies I’m kind of interested in going for the more go-until-you-puke type bootcamp experience, so maybe that’s next. Keep you posted.

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  1. Dit klinkt echt als een heerlijke start van je dag! Ik heb ook een keer Tai Chi geprobeerd en ik vond het ook een hele fijne manier van bewegen.