Bikram Yoga Postures and Yoga Pants.


 Stretching. In my head I call it ‘Release Your Inner Tortilla’ As mentioned in yesterday’s post, Nathy made these pictures for me, so all credits to him for helping me out. 

Hello! This is a very simple blog post with just some pictures of me in my favorite Bikram Yoga postures, in my new yoga pants from the Yogisha Webshop.

Note: I’m not a yoga teacher. Any time you want to do (Bikram) Yoga you should listen to the teacher, not just some blogger with a yoga mat and a camera. What I write is based on my personal knowledge and experiences.

Also, this whole lots of pictures and little bit of text-blogging is not really my thing, but I’m want to do a post with pictures like this every two months to see if you can see any progress.



I fucking love backbends.

This is the first backbend of the Bikram Yoga series. Bikram Yoga isn’t perfect (you train and stretch a lot of your muscles but not everything) but one thing it DOES give you is a flexible spine.

In Benjamin Lorr’s Hell-Bent* there is an entire part dedicated to the science of why backbends are so beneficial — This made a lot of sense to me. I had a lot of (lower) back pain in her teens and has NONE these days, I am sure I owe my healthy back to Bikram Yoga.

Also, the adrenaline spike when you come out of it is pretty good.


Balancing Stick. Also known as The Reason Why You Shouldn’t Wear A Loose Shirt For A Picture, also known as I Know Now How I’ll Look When I’m Pregnant.


Triangle Pose. I love and loathe this pose, as written in this (long ass) article. This posture requires a lot of strength from me, I have to contract a lot of muscles for a while — And that’s my weak spot. I’m flexible but not very strong, not for very long. Luckily, my technique is okay! I just need to keep at it.


Camel Pose: Another backbend. If I wasn’t wearing this damn loose T-shirt, you would have been able to see I have a good rounded spine, but alas — The world will never know.

Camel Pose is the highlight of the whole series of Bikram Yoga Postures and it can be intense. I like it.

And the last one, my ultimate favorite…


Standing Bow.

This pose is known for its Party Trick value: If you tell people you do yoga and they ask for a demo, you go into this one. It has a lot going on and can look quite impressive: Balancing on one leg, going down with your upper body and one leg high in the air. Some people can even do a Standing Bow in full split — which is SO pretty and I’m totally not jealous except yes I am.

But that’s not why I love this posture so much. I love it because it’s one of the postures I have to work very hard in but I can stay relaxed in the posture at the same time. Also, I can move within the posture, while working that hard, to make it better. I can (re)lock my leg, stretch further with my arm, kick my leg up higher while in the posture. And when I fall out, I just get back up and do it again.

I think it’s a great metaphor for life.

Work (very) hard but find relaxation within what you do, if you can. When you are in challenging situations, keep moving, keep doing things to make it better. And when you fall, you get back up again.

*I’ll stop mentioning this book and referencing to it when a better Bikram Yoga book comes out. It might be a while. 

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  1. You’re so freaking flexible, I’d say I envy you, but I don’t xD
    I’m very impressed though, maybe I’ll get that flexible one they…
    In a future far, far away

  2. nice pants 🙂
    Standing bow is probably my favorite too, but a month ago I fell out of the pose, into the mirror and broke my friggin’ arm. Boo. I’m counting the days till I can practice again, definitely feeling that itch by looking at your pics. cool cool cool!

    1. Oh no! Hope you’ll be able to practice again soon and that you’re not in any pain (and that both the figurative/literal sense the itch doesn’t get too bad!)

  3. totally jealous of your flexibility! if you ever come to Belgium, puhleaaaaze let met make a raw food madness party for you with all kinds of yogini-enthusiastics, and several tv-show fanfic-writers. keep up the inner battle against being one lazy hell of a sloth – I blame it on hibernation, just to inspire the world around you! this blog is by no means irrelevant just because the numbers say so, I check everyday and still lovin’ it. big love licks, M