Bikram Yoga Blog: Week 10.


In 2014, I want only one thing for my yoga practice: To be consistent. I just want to go Bikram yoga 3-5 times a week. That’s it.

I enjoy other people’s exercise and health blogs, so I thought it’d be fun to write a weekly Bikram yoga blog where I give you an update on my yoga practice.

 Another week, another 3 yoga classes. I’m not saying this is an impressive feat, but I’m saying that two weeks of practicing but not going overboard and not not-going is good for me. Here’s what happened.
photo 1
(Sorry about the face.)

MONDAY 09:30 AMDid the same as the week before. Worked from home, did yoga and did more work from home. Class was strong but relaxed.

I think the routine of Start Monday With Yoga is going to do me a world of good. But as much as I like working close to my juicer, fridge and Nespresso machine, I also really like my work space and having all the people I need to talk to in close vicinity. Therefore I’m going to take a 06:30 AM class on Monday. Let’s see if I still got the ability to do  the Early Bird Crazy classes. Gulp.

photo 2
TUESDAY 17:45 PM The concept of a yoga class straight after work is starting to grown on me more and more. The classes are crowded but not overly so, I am limber from cycling and walking around all day and you just sweat out and process your working day. Also, when I come home at 7:45 PM the boyfriend will have made dinner for me. What’s not to love. However:

On top of the complete and utter humiliation of the situation above, my entire right knee is bruised like someone played a game of soccer with an overripe peach. I can’t lean on it without wincing.

That’s no problem in the Standing Series of the sequence, but there were a few sitting poses I had to skip.

The next two days I did not go to yoga.  On Wednesday I did bring my yoga stuff with me to work, but Femke was in Rotterdam for the day with her boyfriend and invited me to come have a drink with them: I saw an opportunity to hang out with someone awesome who isn’t usually so nearby and I took it.

On Thursday I had work stuff in Utrecht that I combined with a dinner-and-Teen-Wolf date with my friend who lives there. I do want to visit Bikram Yoga Utrecht for a review some day though, but first on the list are Eindhoven and Nijmegen.

photo 3

Lin and I went to Amsterdam for a day of quality time, with a (very) belated Birthday Lunch at the Conservatorium Hotel as well as a yoga class at Forty Degrees.

It was a tough class and my knee was still bothering me in some sitting postures, but I just love taking classes there: the teaching, the studio and the perfect heat/humidity setting. I am going to try to take a class at Huub’s studio every two months.

This week my yoga month card expires on Thursday, so I’m going for the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday thing again. They say that once you’re on a streak it’s easier to keep going, so let’s see if I can make it 3 out of 3 with this whole 3 time a week business.

Enjoy this amazing sunny Sunday. Talk to you later.

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  1. if you’re up for meeting me, let me know when you’re taking a class in utrecht, i might join you if i can. if not, also cool though, no worries. -thumbs up-

    1. Um hello I’ve been infatuated with your online presence since 2011 so how about yes come with me to class in Utrecht when I go

  2. Love your bikram posts!
    Leuk dat je een keer bikram wil doen in Nijmegen. Ik doe bikram in Nijmegen (nadat jouw posts erover mijn interesse gewekt hadden) en ik ga over precies een maandje naar teachertraining…exciting!!!