BFF Weekend & Happy Healthy Sunday #1.


So, Saturday afternoon this gorgeous girl picked me up in her car, champagne in the backseat for a nice weekend get-away*.

While listening to Florence & the Machine, Robyn and Gui Boratto we had ourselves a roadtrip to…Putten. Which was super nice and foresty. Not very International Playgirl yet, but we gotta start somewhere, right?

There was a very fabulous part involved, though: Lin and I got invited to go to a Wellness Day by Lighthouseworks called Happy Healthy Sunday, a blend of detoxing and pampering the self in a beautiful environment.

Considering the most exciting thing I get in my inbox normally is if I can please start advertising diet pills or if some guy in India can help me to put me on  #1 in Google Search for 999$, this was really cool to me. I mean, they invited the weird self help girl.

Anyway, Lin and I do see each other quite often, but other times our weeks are so busy we can only squeeze in a cup of coffee or a quick dinner. This inspired us to make a whole girlfriend weekend out of it. It was so nice to have such an extended period of uninterrupted girl-time like this on top of the wellness day.



We booked a little hotel in Putten so we’d only have to drive 15* minutes to the location of Lighthouseworks. I just love hotels. Fluffy white hotel beds, artsy pictures of city skylines and breakfast buffets. What’s not to love. As pictured above, due to a lack of fridge we devised a system to keep the champagne cold. Also, wine. 


For dinner we went to this Italian place nearby – and I had pasta with cherry tomatoes and basil. My pasta was good, but Lin had this amazing creamy truffle-mushroom one that gave me a wicked case of Food Envy (which is totally a thing, look it up).

After that we just went back to the hotel, drank champagne and watched crappy television shows until we fell asleep.

The crappy television show was actually very educational: We watched The Voice UK and I now know a) that who I originally had labeled ‘the old black guy from the Voice UK’ is actually Tom Jones who is not only not-black but Welsh, b) the sexy tattooed boy is from The Script —sometimes I live under a rock you guys, and c) Jessie J has really shiny hair.

After that we watched a bit of Jersey Shore and I just really don’t even know what to say about that, except that I find those guys on that show are so unattractive I’d rather make out with a dead turtle.

Anyway. Off topic. Let’s get back on track. 

The next morning we showered, had a leisurely breakfast in the hotel and went on our way to Lighthouse Works.


Happy Healthy Sunday? Basically a whole festival of things (almost) everyone loves to do. I am going to blog about ALL the things, but in overview this was our Happy Healthy Sunday:

Lin and I spent the day together, having a wonderful time, talking and laughing and taking pictures. We did yoga, went in and out of saunas, enjoyed the sun and the beautitful surroundings. We did a workshop about natural beauty, we tasted some delicious juices. We had a nice lunch with the people we were with, and I also got a reiki treatment that was very moving and very helpful, going to write about that too.

We ended the day with a short meditation, and driving home I was so chilled out I didn’t even speed that much. I found the whole thing very relaxing and inspiring. It was a day I used to recharge, and it gave me lots of new ideas and insights to incorporate in day-to-day life. Big thank you to Cherry Picker PR & Lighthouse Works for that, and more on that soon.

* I am trying to make our friendship sound as lesbian as possible and figured I’d get a head start at it in the very first sentence. 

**5 if you’re accidentally speeding. 

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  1. Sounds awesome 🙂 Naar aanleiding van jullie tweets, bekeek ik de website en zo’n Healthy Sunday klinkt heerlijk. Denk dat ik mijn BFF ook maar eens mee ga slepen naar Putten. And beautiful pasta-picture of you <3

  2. Sounds wonderful (and made me laugh a few times ;))! Please don’t hide out at a beach house or in someone’s attic/shoebox, you have way too much awesomeness to share, in my humble opinion. Xxx