Being Green(er)

Remember this girl? Anne Walraven, mind and moxie behind FutureFuel?

This girl goes all over the world to interview people who have done brilliant things for the world and environment, trying to find the answer to the question: “What can we do?” Because Anne is thinking about the world that we are in, that we have to maintain as well as fix up, and she is taking great action to answer that question by talking to the brilliant minds who have had a big positive influence on the world. Like Jane Goodall (pictured above), for example.

I find Anne very inspiring. And she makes me think about this kind of stuff, that I normally don’t think about much.

See, I kind of freak out when I think about the big picture because it is just so big and scary. Things like oil spills, oil running out, ozone layers and the rain forest being cut down. It makes me want to jump into the ocean and fish out the plastic and oil, as well as tie myself to one of those big giant trees. Unfortunately I can’t dive to make the first happen and my work schedule doesn’t alIow me to do the last and last time I tried assuming the fetal position didn’t really get me anywhere either.

So instead, I am trying to figure out my own small ways to be ‘green’ or at least go a little ‘greener’.

  • I try to ‘vote with my wallet’ when it comes to groceries. I am practical about it, but I am trying to buy more organic produce when I can. Also, I try to buy local which coincidentally is the same as organic a lot of the time. We have a bio-store nearby and a lot of their stuff is local. Easy and good for the carbon-footprint.
  • I try to recycle, in terms of bottles and plastic and paper. I just love walking to the bins with bags that suggest I’m a bookworm alcoholic.
  • When Manfriend and I got our apartment, we chose Green Choice energy and gas as our supplier. Green energy and great service.
  • I take my old clothes to good will – unless it is truly to ratty or ugly for anyone to wear of course.
  • For our next house, I really really want these solar systems on my roof and this solar hot water system would be a really cool bonus. I think it’s well worth the investment on multiple levels; I like the pro-active independence of installing those things in your own home. VELUX ®, although being known for their blinds actually has a really cool solar powered division that I have in mind for the future.

For those of you who are concerned with and interested in these type of things: What do you do that is environmentally conscious/aware? Any tips?

(If you really want to see something cool, you should check out this list of the 25 most innovative and inspiring iniatives of young people who want to do something for our planet. I love it.)

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  1. Love this post! There’s so much that we can do, so many choices that really matter.

    My dream is to design and build an energy-neutral house, and to grow part of my food and herbs myself, and have some fluffy chickens that lay eggs and eat my green thrash.

  2. You make us think more of all the this we can do, thank you!
    When I go for a walk in the forest, I always take a bag with me… For all the garbage (from mostly the bikers) I come across, so I can throw it away in a bin! First I thought it wouldn’t make any different, but all small things helps! (Sorry for my poor Englisch.)

  3. Yay for the things you already do! Taking energy from Green Choice is actually a pretty big step when it comes down to the impact this has.

    Then, another thing you could do, in the ‘voting with your wallet’ field: choose a bank that doesn’t finance dirty projects like tar sands oil or industrial meat (both Rabobank). You can check almost every bank on, and read about their ‘dodgy deals’ (if there are any), before to decide where to switch to.

  4. hey, a tip for your clothes that are too raggedy to wear by anyone; a little birdy told me H&M is about to start collecting second hand clothes for recycling. the really worn out stuff will be used to generate energy (somehow. dont ask me for the specifics :p). i think itll start soon and its not a one month glitch, itll be permanent 🙂