Appreciation Post With Special Shout Out.

I am a big believer in appreciating the absolute fuck out of your surroundings; it makes them even better. Therefore, I simply have to address some of the lovely people who greatly facilitated last weekend and my well-being during it. With one special lady saved for last.

First off, big shout out to Ivana Perkovic, a girl I met on Twitter who came over to help me with clothes and style and such. She is super fun to be around, she’s friendly, and she made me realize how much I love my clothes. Ivana doesn’t know it yet but provided she has the time in between being awesome and pursuing her dreams, she is totally my stylist. Honest, refreshing and funny to boot. What more could I ask for. Thank you so much for your help this weekend, Ivana.

Also, mad love for my best friend Berdien who traveled with me to Amsterdam this weekend. This is a girl who has tolerated and loved me since high school, who has seen me at my best (with her) and at my worst (most other places) and who does not have a bad bone in her body. Next up would be my artistically talented friends Natasja and Kim, who let Berdien and me crash in their guest room, meaning I wouldn’t have to travel back and forth to Amsterdam that weekend. I would also be remiss if I forget to mention my yoga friends who I ran into during the lecture break, and who graciously offered me a lift to Rotterdam and saved me quite a panic and a penny back. Thanks, guys.

And of course major thanks to Sabine for hooking me up with a ticket to see David Wolfe. You’re the best. But there is one person in particular, without whom my Sunday would have taken a whole other and quite possibly horrendous turn. I don’t know her name, but I know that if she hadn’t been there, everything would have turned out horribly. This woman saved my ass.

See, despite its name the Park Plaza Amsterdam Airport Hotel is not near Amsterdam Airport. It’s actually 40 minutes away from Schiphol Airport: I had to take a bus to a different town and walk from there. The app that planned my route by foot was absolutely deluded; it wanted me to either grow wheels and become an automobile or walk on the highway.

So, I got lost. Badly. I was halfway there, trying to figure out the best way to walk to the hotel. After asking two men (who were helpful but could only point me half a kilometer further) I approached this woman in the park who was walking with her son, desperate for the right route. I had about 10-15 minutes left to get there and got more stressed every ticking second. She gave me directions and wished me luck, albeit with a somewhat worried look. I don’t think she believed I would find it. For the record, neither did I.

And as I was walking in (what I thought was) the right direction, getting more and more panicked as it seemed I wasn’t getting closer while time was ticking, he woman called me back. Turns out I was walking in the wrong direction. Of course I was. Leave that shit to me. And then, this absolute ANGEL of a woman spoke the sentence that would save my entire Sunday: “Don’t worry, hon. My car’s right here, I will drop you off.”

I about cried with gratitude. She and her son dropped me off at the hotel, which was only five minutes by car but had been a torturous twenty minute walk by the side of the road — provided I would have found my way. Which is doubtful.

Thanks to her act of kindness, I arrived just on time. I ran into the lecture hall and sat down with Sabine, literally not even a minute before David Wolfe made its entrance and began his lecture. Talk about amazing. Thanks to this stranger, I made it. If she hadn’t been there, I would have been fucked. I can’t express how important she has been to my day on that Sunday.

Of course everything happened too fast for me to remember to ask her name. But if you know a brow-pierced woman with brown hair from Badhoevedorp, who has a sweet kid about ten years old, and you think it could be the woman I’m talking about, send me her name. I owe her big time. Feel free to send me her address so I can send her a muffin basket or something.

And remember that when you have a change to be someone’s lifesaver, do it. Be the reason someone makes it on time, be that little extra help someone needs to find their way, give that pat on the back that gets them through the day, don’t hesitate to do it. You might change someone’s entire day and perspective. I know I’ll be more helpful to the next strangers I meet* because of that amazing woman who went out of her way for me.

*Unless they offer me candy, because that is creepy and then you have to get the hell away from them. Be warned.  

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