An Ode To Apollo-Lemon Man-Manfred.

His real name is undisclosed, but on the Internetz, my man goes my many names.

When I had my old blog, I gave everyone superhero nicknames. I have had a thing for Greek&Roman gods; my new boyfriend looked like I thought a modern-day version would look like with his blonde curls and blue eyes, so I nicknamed him Apollo and that was it for the time being.

After being with him for a year or so and staying at his place a lot, he started to do this supercute thing where whenever he got groceries, he would get me a net of lemons (I got into the alkalinity of it all while we were dating). While I had never asked for it, the subject of lemons had never came up and yet he would make sure there were lemons around for me. So then I started to call him Lemon Man on-line. Much to his dismay, I may add, he preferred being a god over a sour fruit superhero. Alas, such is life.

Then very gradually, I got kind of over that. I started to refer to him on Twitter as ‘my sexy manfriend’ or ‘my darling manfriend’ or ‘such a sweet manfriend’. I dig the term ‘manfriend’. It sounds funny, it implies he is an advanced form of boyfriend and most importantly, it hilariously sounds like Manfred. Before I knew it I was calling him that. I dig ‘Manfred’ even more, because I can put any endearment in front of it and it will still sound totally unromantic and British Comedian-like. ‘my Sexy Manfred’? ‘Darling Manfred’? See what I mean?

We’ve been together for almost two years now. We now live together and I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather be stuck in a house with. He keeps growing on me. Obviously I’ve always liked him, but I find tons of reasons to like him more over time. He is one of the few people that can always surprise me. Sometimes when I come home, he has done something really weird like stolen a bike or decided to make pancakes. When he wants to do something, he just goes ahead and does it. He is a go-getter, he takes care of me and despite bouts of being distracted by life, I know he loves me more than anything. He can be complicated and stubborn, but he’s also sweet and hilarious and really really really adorable when he wakes up. I have so much fun with him.

So basically, happy anniversary to my baby Manfred. As my Australian friend would say “It might be rainbows and puppies, but puppies shit on the carpet too.” If you want to spend your life with someone, not every day is going to look like a commercial for breakfast cereal. And I find Manfred tolerable even on those days. THAT is true love, ladies and gentlemen.

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  1. Aw, congrats AND this is so sweet I’m not even jealous! 😀

    Btw, I read your old blog as well, and the first time I stumbled upon it, I did not even know who was Apollo. I didn’t take any time to read any descriptions (and as far as I remember there weren’t that much either), I just started reading in the middle of somewhere, and I remember thinking Apollo was the name you gave to your guardian angel, or whatever, the voice that should be the better you. Maybe that was true after all 😉