I’m Lianne, 28 years old, originally from Rotterdam, now based in The Hague. My interests and turn-ons include psychology, self help books, yoga and good, pipin’ hot Earl Grey tea.

WEBSITE The Self Help Hipster name was based on my glasses, and the fact is I liked self help before it was mainstream.

Even when I was young, I always read a lot of self help books. I really enjoyed the information, the motivation and the idea of it:  Although not everything, so much of  your life is within your control. I still love that about self help. If you do it right use it, it can have a huge positive impact on your life. You can literally help yourself. 

I wanted to create a website that featured the self help I was interested in: Interesting, real-life topics relatable to anyone, fun articles with funny twists. That’s how my website was born in 2012.Wrote about all this before everyone else started doing it. #sohipster  Been tending to it and my amazing audience ever since.

ENGLISH I am Dutch, but a proficient speaker in English according to the CEFR guidelines.

I work within an environment where I have to communicate extensively in English. Which is AWESOME; I feel the English language is the most beautiful thing I have ever put in my mouth (except for that bacon sandwich that one time.)

I write in English because it’s my favorite thing to do. Plus, I really like the idea that my website is accessible to anyone with some basic understanding of English and Wifi.

SOCIAL MEDIA I am on Twitter and Instagram, and have a Facebook Page. Feel free to Follow, Like or come say hi. I also record podcasts with Andrew, and you can listen to them here!

CREDITS The picture used above has been made by Mariët Mons. I use pictures by her, Aline Bouma or myself for my blog. The spectacular header and logo for my website have been made by the talented and awesome Andrew Chin.