A Case Of ‘The Divas’?

Last week, I finally got to go to a TedxEvent. Delft. Never Grow Up. I had been looking forward to this day for months. Really. Kid counting down the days until Christmas.

But the day grew closer and more announcements reached me, I began to feel a little agitated. For instance, I was shocked to find out that we had to be there at 06:45 AM. Holy shit. Surely that wouldn’t apply to The Bloggers (lol, what are we, the Kardashians)? I also found out we wouldn’t be in the audience but in a separate room to live-blog, which now makes PERFECT sense to me but at first I raised my eyebrows over it. So I’m writing for TedxDelft and I’m not in it? Um, hello? I am The Self Help Hipster for crying out loud*.

I complained to Manfred about this, and to my annoyance he remained completely unfazed. “That’s probably the only time the team still has the time to convene, so that’s the time for explanations and pep talk.” Rational as he is, he shrugged it off. I grumbled quietly about sleep and beauty routines and continued to feel annoyed about it.

I didn’t know what to think, so I decided to give it some rest and let my opinion come to me. And it came to me, the day before while I was having lunch after a yoga class. Clear as day. Who the fuck did I think I was? 

Here I was, a seriously unknown blogger** who got to go to a supercool event, and yet was bitching about having to get up early? While a whole truckload of people have been busting their ass for this events for months, and while other bloggers had to do the exact same thing? Here I was, annoyed over not being taken into consideration while way more impressive people than me were coming from all over the country to deliver their presentations?

Holy cow. Calm the fuck down, Self Help J.Lo.

You can say a lot of things about me, but I am not a diva. I don’t mind getting my hands dirty, I don’t mind working hard and I don’t expect special treatment. I must have accidentally taken crazy pills (they’re next to my vitamins). I immediately snapped out of it. I e-mailed the woman in charge I would be there at 06:45, bought a train ticket in advance and got out my outfit for the next day.

And I realized something: I wanted this. I wanted to find out more about TedxEvents. I wanted to learn more about new things, I want to blog at cool events and I am only a tiny, tiny part of this event. I’m also just one little blog on the Internet and that doesn’t give me the right to anything. And that’s good. I like being humble. I like knowing what I’m worth but not assuming that it means I’m entitled to things.

So I vowed not to. And decided that if I had to get up at five and would only be getting everyone else coffee, I would still do it. With a smile.

I hope you remember my story the next time you want to get huffy about something. Put yourself and your importance into perspective and put your attitude on the shelf. Be friendly, humble and a pleasure to work with. After all, Beyonce is the truest diva of them all, and she’s supposedly a sweetheart. Be Beyonce. Always.

*I am fully aware this means nothing to anyone in the beta, technical world, or even the regular real world for that matter. It’s like someone announces they hold a guinness book world record. Nobody really knows what to do with the information. 

**540 followers does not an Internet Icon make, cupcakes. Which is good, I don’t think I have the cheekbones. 😉  

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  1. This made me laugh! Altijd een goed advies om bescheiden te blijven. 🙂

    Lieve Self Help Hipster, ik volg je blog pas sinds kort (and loving it!), maar heb je ooit iets geschreven over liefdesverdriet/gebroken hart/het verwerken van een relatie? I could really use some words of wisdom.. M’n vriendje heeft me exact een week voordat we 5 jaar samen zouden zijn gedumpt voor een chick die in Zuid-Frankrijk woont en ‘ie één avondje gezien heeft. Ouch.

      1. Dank je wel Lianne. Ja, ’t is nog heel rauw, ’t is pas twee weken geleden gebeurd en het feit dat hij direct bij thuiskomst een ticket geboekt heeft en nu alweer een week bij haar is, maakt ’t er niet bepaald beter op.. Maar je video is erg herkenbaar en hopelijk kan ik ’t na 6 weken wat helderder zien. (Heb ooit gelezen dat vrouwen er de helft van de relatie over doen om ‘m te verwerken, fingers crossed dat het slechts bij een six week shitstorm blijft..) xx

  2. Ah, I feel you girl. Sometimes it just happens, we forget to be humble, but that’s not a bad thing as long as we recover and learn from it. Our egos happen to take the best of us at times and then yoga happens, everything get’s back to normal! Love the article!

  3. Maar jij bent… THE SELF HELP HIPSTER *gasp*

    Goede herinnering. Ik heb soms moeite met wel een ego hebben haha. Ik heb de hele tijd het idee: Ik moet nog zoveel leren! Daardoor vergeet ik soms dat ik al heel veel kan, en heel veel waard ben door wie ik ben.. Oja, en dat iedereen fouten maakt.