6 Days Until 2014: MUCH CHRISTMAS*


 The present on the right is for me. Manfriend only put it under the tree yesterday because he knows how much I hate it when people torture me with their upcoming gifts (seriously, dick move). So, it’s only been here since yesterday and it’s STILL driving me insane that I don’t know what it is.

Hi. So yesterday I tweeted: “Not blogging for Christmas because guess what I fucking can”

Which is a legitimate reason on its own, but what helps is that I really want to do other stuff for Christmas.  Light candes, play records (Black Keys is a current favorite), watch old movies with Manfriend, drink bubbles and spend time with my loved ones.

I just want to do Christmassy-stuff for a couple of days. That’s what I want to do to make 2014 more wonderful, which was what this challenge was all about in the first place.

So that’s what I’m doing.

BUT. Apparently as a blogger you have to assume that your blog is the most important thing in your reader’s life and that everyone will STILL make it a priority to visit your blog on Christmas**, so I dove into my archive and looked up some of my old articles that you might like to read while I am away being a bad blogger.

I hope that keeps you entertained for two days.

If not, and you REALLY want to read more of my stuff over Christmas during the little alone-time that you might have, download my other two e-book-thingies (Law of Attraction and Habits) that are only 5.50USD/4.00 Euros each or the combo pack that is 9.00USD/6.50Euros.

After that lists of links and that totally shameless referral to my stuff for sale****, I’m just going to tell you to have a lovely Christmas.

Later, babies.

*Click. Such merry and so Christmas, Raffika. 

**If you DO visit my blog on Christmas, I think that’s fucking cute. If not, have fun and I’ll see you later. 

***Which I still haven’t finished because I’m a dick. 

****There is one more shameless plug coming up on New Year’s, but TRUST ME, it’s going to be SO GOOD that you will forgive me for it. And then I’m done until I drop a new e-book. Pinky promise.  

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