50T2015 Major Catch Up Post


Yes, hi, sorry. Bit of an (emotional) rush at work this week, and for the last two days I have been mostly off line, sleeping it off and working on my workshop for the I Love Beauty Event on Saturday. I am so nervous I might pull an Adele and get lost 20 minutes before I have to take the stage.


I’ll tell you how you are.

You are awesome. And generous. And enthusiastic, cool fucking people. In two weeks, I have read a couple of cute blogs* about people doing the 50T2015 project (1 by Benthe, 2 by Sandra3 by Shivany and my favorite, the very honest, funny elaborate one by Rosanne) and have gotten some sweet emails about how much they love the ebook and the assignments.

I’m happiest about your enthusiasm, for sure. But the fact that you brought in 350$ for the Girl Effect is pretty amazing too. I had champagne last night to celebrate it**. Thank you guys. I think that is so cool.

I also received some very helpful feedback about the e-book. First of all, people would like an index. Gotcha. I noted that down for next ebooks and next year’s version.

And dates for the assignments were requested. Because people lose count and get confused, and counting back every time you forget where you’re at for a second is a pain in the ass.

You ask. I provide.

From this week on I’ll provide the dates for you at the end of my own 50T2015 Project Reports. Here’s what I did in the first 1,5 week, and here’s what we are going to do next week.

Let’s go.

50 Days to 2015 – 12th of November, 2014: MAKE A LIST OF THINGS YOU STILL WANT TO DO IN 2014.

  • Do yoga 5 times a week. Like a back bending boss, I’m back at it. I feel really great, and have gone back to 06:30 classes once or twice a week.
  • Reiki. Reiki before bed. Still my favorite trick to go to sleep easily.
  • Spend an entire day by myself. This became two and a half days and it was awesome. I wrote, played video games and watched Doctor Who.
  • Learn the Asthanga Sequence. Because I’ve wanted to learn this for year(s). I found a teacher who wants to help me out with it.
  • Weekend with Will and friends. We’re spending a weekend in Amsterdam in December, the four of us, and I can’t wait!

49 Days to 2015 – 13th of November, 2014: MAKE A LIST OF WHAT YOU LEARNED IN 2014.

Most important thing I learned? Take a breath. From the ebook: “I had a problem with not being connected to myself and losing touch with the present moment. 

Someone I trust very much told me to take a very big breath whenever I felt something like that happening. She was certain this simple solution would take away a lot of the problems I had with feeling disconnected and out of touch. 

She was right. This simple trick has kept me grounded while not many other things manage to do that.” 

48 Days to 2015 – 14th of November, 2014: GO OFFLINE.

Actually, I’m offline a lot these days, especially this weekend. I occasionally go online to tweet or Tumblr, but overall I’m just happy in my own little cocoon. 10/10 would recommend. Does wonders for productivity too!

champagne bridges

47 Days to 2015 – 15th of November: SPEND TIME WITH PEOPLE WHO ENERGIZE YOU.

I took Lin out for champagne and an afternoon tea at Bridges.

46 Days to 2015 – 16th of November: TREAT YOUR BODY TO (EXTRA) EXERCISE

This was pretty good too! I went to yoga and was finally able to do the standing postures again. Sure, they look awkward and I have lost a lot of balance and strength in my ankle, but victory nonetheless!

45 Days to 2015 – 16th of November: CLEAN OUT YOUR CLOSET

Got rid of 1,5 trash bags full of crap, AND I found my two beloved Namaste shirts again. Good day.

44 Days to 2015 – 17th of November: GRADE AREAS OF YOUR LIFE

This is one of my favourites. Really makes you think and bring into focus what areas of your life you’d like to improve.

43 Days to 2015 – 18th of November: (PLAN TO) DO SOMETHING YOU HAVE NEVER DONE BEFORE. 

I have been asked to try out FitBallet, so that’s what I’m going to do for this. Julie is currently making my curriculum (I asked her to help me get my strength back) and I am excited to try.

42 Days to 2015 – 19th of November: WRITE A LETTER TO YOURSELF.

I basically wrote a letter reminding myself of a few things I seemed to have forgotten about myself.

41 Days to 2015 – 20th of November: SPEND SOME TIME IN MEDITATION TODAY.  

Yoga was my meditation. Is that cheating? Oh well.


Yeah, about that…I did that.

But I can’t talk about what I did just yet. I gotta mentally prepare a few loved ones for it first. Once I’ve done that, you’ll read all about it.

39 Days to 2015 – 22nd of November: WRITE DOWN WHAT YOU LOVE ABOUT YOUR LIFE

Did that too. Is it weird that my boyfriend’s beard is pretty high upon the list?

38 Days to 2015 – 23rd of November: DO THE TREASURE CHEST TECHNIQUE.

Yesssss, this one is one of my favourites! You can read how to do this one exactly, right here. I made a few lists: Work, Health, Relationships, Personal Development and Material Possessions. can’t wait to look at these again in 6 months time.

50T2015shh copy

And now! For next week’s dates, so you can remain on top of things:

For those of you who haven’t bought the ebook yet and are still contemplating to, DO IT. It’s fun, it’s totally doable no matter how busy you are and the ebook is super cute and pretty.

Quite a few people are still emailing me or buying it here, and I tell you what I tell them: Starting now means you’ll have tons of fun things to do in the first week(s) of 2015 too.

And that’s cool. It doesn’t matter you start late, it matters that you start.

See you guys soon. Bye.

*Have you written about the 50T2015 ebook? Let me know and I’ll put you in next week’s blog! 

**On the couch, on my own, while watching Doctor Who. What a life. 


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  1. Toevallig maandag voor het eerst een bikram yoga les gedaan! (Ben m’n lijstje netjes aan het afwerken haha) Voelde me aan het eind een vis op het droge, maar t is zeker herhaling vatbaar:)

  2. Wat tof dat je op het I love Beauty event bent. Ben er zelf niet bij, maar toch, leuk voor je 😛
    Ik doe niet mee met het werkboek, maar had de afgelopen week geen internet, dus dat telt toch een beetje. Was een goede oefening in geduld haha.

  3. I AM DOING TERRIBLY LIANNE HELP ME. okay you can’t help me i’m just bummed i’m not docily (is that a word?) following the assignments cause i had so much fun last year. then again, last year i really needed this but this year has been fabulous so i’m good either way. i guess that’s it.

    (i’m trying though.)