After a long tedious editing session and a pizza order, I am happy and proud to announce that the 50 Day Until 2015 Workbook is up for sale!

Last year, I loved doing the 50 Days Until 2014 series so much that I turned the 2015 version into a pretty ebook for a good cause.


CONTENT This ebook is 120+ pages of updated and reworked stories and exercises to entertain and inspire you to make the most of the last fifty days of the year. Each chapter is focused on one assignment and comes with a pretty picture, a funny quote and if you’re lucky: A personal anecdote that inspired the chapter, or my personal take on the assignment.

PRICE Because I want as many people as possible to enjoy it, it costs only 5.50$ (4 euros), all of which will go to charity.

Payhip takes Paypal, but if you don’t have Paypal you can email me at info[a]theselfhelphipster.com; we’ll do it with a normal money transfer!

GOOD CAUSE I donate quite a bit of the proceeds of my ebook sales to charity at the end of each month, and 100% of the 50 Days Until 2015 Workbook is going to projects all over the world that positively impact the lives of young girls.

I donate a lot of my ebook profits to the Girl Effect projects all over the world and I want to do that for this ebook too. These projects are focused on offering girls more chances on education, better health care and a higher likelihood of success, and I’m all for that. Hope you are too.

EXTRA PLEA This is optional in all the ways, but IF you enjoy the ebook (which I hope you will!)? IF you feel that it’s worth more than just the 5$ (which I think it is!)? Would you PLEASE consider donating extra money to the Girl Effect projects for me?

You can donate directly to the Girl Effect fund that distributes the money evenly, or to projects of your choice, but you can also donate to me (button to the right) and write ‘Girl Effect’ on the note of the donation so I’ll know what it’s for, and I will add it up to the pile to donate at the end of the month.

I’m kind of hoping I can make some sort of whopping donation that buys a girl school supplies (OR ACTUAL SCHOOL) for an entire year.

50 D vision

As usual you can click here to buy it, or the button below. Have a wonderful Wednesday, and enjoy the ebook!!

EDIT: I recommend downloading it via computer! I made the PDF as small as possible but it is 47 MB to download!

Buy the 50T2015 Workbook Here!

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  1. So I just bought your book, and I can’t wait to get started 🙂 But I do have one tiny remark (that you maybe could consider next time); it would have been so nice and much easier to use if you had put in a table of content. Especially because I’m planning on doing it in a little bit different order.
    Have a great day! 🙂

  2. Hoi Lianne!
    Ik wil je e-book graag kopen, alleen ik krijg een error zodra ik op de paypal knop druk. Heb je misschien een ander linkje?

    1. Hoi Cootje, wat voor error krijg je precies? Ik heb geen andere link maar als je het ebook via de reguliere weg wil aanschaffen mail me dan even!

  3. Many thanks… I’m in!
    En de eerste opdracht is alweer gedaan. Ik volg je blog al een hele tijd en nu ben ik voor het eerst een actieve reageerder. Dus, nogmaals, dank!

  4. Lianneeeeeeeeeeeee.. heb net je boek besteld maar kan ‘m niet downloaden? Ik kreeg een link via de mail maar als ik daar op klik zie ik geen download staan. GHWELP

  5. I downloaded it last night at some unearthly hour. Last year I joined but failed miserably, so I want to improve that. And it’s working: even though I’m starting off a couple of days later than the actual 50 to 2015, I’m on a roll 🙂
    I’m even thinking about blogging about some stuff! Like the list of things I still want to do this year & the letter to myself. It might help me in the process, I guess.