50 Days Until 2014 – 1/50!

Completely in line with my Internet persona (arriving disheveled, being late to parades and only occasionally saying something interesting or witty), I thought of an interesting blog-series for the last fifty days of the year.

…And then completely miscalculated when exactly the last fifty days of the year were happening. Go me.

Luckily for me, people on Twitter actually do say something useful every now and again*. So THANK YOU Jazzy, not just for being pretty cool in general but also for reminding me there was something I was supposed to be doing with this whole last-50-days-of-the-year-thing.

Now, what’s the thing? Let me explain the thing.

A few weeks ago, I was looking back on 2013 and went ‘ugh’. Of course, there have been some good times and puppies and sparkly moments. I totally had some good times. Met people who rocked my world. I even got an award at some point. So I fully acknowledge these proud moments.

But if I think back on the totality of 2013, I think ‘ugh’, roll my eyes and declare the general year of 2013 as MEH.

I don’t want to end this year as the Meh-Year. Not at least without some serious effort to make it a better year.

I want to tip the scale of 2013 from ‘meh’ at least into ‘ok fine it was nice I guess’**. I want to work to make it a better year now that I still can. And if I want to do that I need to put some serious effort in these final 50 days of 2013. I need to do some serious Self Help Heavy Lifting.

Which is what this blog series is about. It’s something I want to give myself. A gift of sorts. I want to end 2013 on a positive and strong self help note and I want to start 2014 off strong, on a solid foundation.

So that’s what I’m doing in this blog series.

Every day for the last 50 days I’m doing something to make the last 50 days of my year good. Something that makes me happy, something that helps me in whatever way. Something I haven’t done before OR something that I have done before with positive results.

And if you want to, you can join me and let me know how you’re doing in the comments. But more on that later.

Are you ready for 50 Days Until 2014? Let’s go.

*Despite popular opinion stating otherwise. If your Twitter isn’t interesting or funny you’re following the wrong people.

*Yes aiming for the stars here, thank you for noticing. 


The first thing I’m doing for these 50 days, is decide EXACTLY what it is I want to do in the remainder of this year. So it’s LIST TIME. I wrote down the activities I still want to do in 2013.

Please note: I did not make this a list of 50+ items for the sake of having ALL the things on some list I’m not on some all-consuming quest for happiness; I just want to add a little more Awesome into my year while I still can.

Also, I have more stuff to do than just run around town crossing items off my Happy Go Lucky list.

For me it’s just 12 items. 12 things I want to do for myself. Some take (a little…) more than a day, some take less than half an hour. Some activities take other people, some take alone time. Some are extravagant, some are so normal you’re going to take me for a simpleton.

This is my list.

DO ANOTHER 30 DAY YOGA CHALLENGE. I feel most relaxed and healthy when I do a lot of yoga, and these 30 day challenges are fun. I’m not doing it to get ripped because I’m happy as I am, but it’s true: Yoga does my body good.

I’m not going to be all anal about it, so if I miss a class I’ll just do a double class that week. I just like the idea of another challenge like this before the year ends, as a final gift to myself in 2013.

SPEND A WHOLE DAY IN BED. I’ve always wanted to do this: Just be in bed for A WHOLE DAY. Just drinking tea, writing, napping, and maybe watch a movie. Manfriend’s company optional, but preferred.

WRITE ANOTHER E-BOOK (OR TWO). This is already in the works as we speak. I’ve had this book in my head for quite a long time, so how about it getting out of my head and into the world. The other e-book I want to write is a side-project. It would be nice if I can finish it in 2013, but if I don’t, no sweat.

 SPEND AN ENTIRE DAY WITH ANGEL. My best friend from high school. I see her too little. One of my favorite people, and besides my parents and brother the only person who is a 100% pure unadulterated Good. She doesn’t have a bad bone in her body.

Angel and I DON’T live 300 meters away from each other unfortunately, unlike me and another BFF. We’re both busy and before we know it we haven’t seen eachother in weeks. Not cool. She’s going to find out through this blog that I am taking her hostage for a day. You in, babe?

DO NANOWRIMO FOR SELF HELP STUFF. I’m doing 50,000 words on self help stuff for NaNoWriMo. I’ve been doing this since November 1st, but I forgot to enter my word-count since day 2 AND I’m slightly massively behind. Oh well.

It’s going to take a few days completely blocked-out for writing, but I think I can manage to write the remaining 9,000 words I need to get back on track.

I’m always saying I want to write more. This is about writing more.

DO A COUPLE OF WORKSHOPS. Also in the works as we speak.  The November 30th one only has 3 slots left, the 15th has quite a couple of more. I love interacting and connecting with readers and I always feel so happy and inspired when I’m surrounded by them.

GO TO MY HOMETOWN AND RUN MY OLD 5K ROUTE. Before yoga, I used to run a few times a week. Nothing spectacular, nothing fast, just a few runs to get moving and clear my head.

When I moved to Rotterdam I tried it a few times, but it never stuck. For me the sensation of running is related to my hometown, the polders there and the road next to the Maas.

I used to really enjoy the leisurely 5K every now and again, which is why I want to take my (old) running gear to my old town and run the route I always used to love. For old times sake, and for a nice runner’s high.

GET A REIKI TREATMENT FROM MY FAVORITE HEALER. I’m not going to make a whole spiritual-thing out of it, but in December I want to go see the woman who introduced me to energetic healing and who inspired me to get my Reiki 1. I always feel so relaxed after she’s treated me. I want to see her before the year ends.

DO A ONE-DAY JUICE FEAST. I was thinking about doing it and was even more inspired to do so when Lin wrote a blog about it. Somewhere over the next few weeks I’m going to get a fuckload of fruits and veggies and have a relaxed little detox-day. Just for the heck of it.

HAVE CHAMPAGNE  NIGHT WITH LIN. I like champagne in combination with the company of Lin. It’s a thing. Two of the most luxurious things in my life make it a perfect way to spoil myself. Before 2013 ends, I’d like a night where we splurge on bubbles and toast to our friendship.

DO MY OWN REIKI STUFF DAILY. I occasionally still do ‘DIY’ Reiki* as I learnt in my Reiki 1 course before I go to bed, but not all the time, not every night. Which is stupid because I fall asleep so easily when I do it it’s like administrating Valium (or a nice blow to the head) through hand-placement.

That’s why I want to do a reiki self-treatment every night before I go to sleep. Because I can, and because it’s Hand Position Valium (or Sledgehammer To The Head, your choice).

DINNER-TECHNO DATE WITH MANFRIEND. There is a million things I love about Manfriend and another million things I love to do with him. I won’t bore/nauseate you with all of them, but I really enjoy going out to dinner with him (we both have dreams about the food at La Pizza) AND I enjoy going out together.

Even though he is way more hardcore than I am -I like to be tucked into bed early, grannystyle, he can party on until seven in the morning-, every now and again I stay awake past my bedtime and dance my face off together with my curly-haired party-animal. Over dinner we talk, around techno we dance. The next day we sleep in and have leisurely breakfast while watching the Walking Dead. I’m putting a date like this on the 2013 schedule.

…That’s it. These are the 12 things I really want to do before the ‘meh’ year ends so that I make it less ‘meh’ and more ‘ok cool’.

Now it’s your turn. Maybe you’ve had a wonderful year and you want to top it off with more awesomeness. Maybe you’ve had an Okay Year, a Meh Year or maybe even a Shit Year and you want to end it in a nice and fun way. Whatever your background or your reasons, if you want to join me for Self Help Hipster’s 50 Days To 2014, you’re totally welcome.

So for your first assignment I want you to think of 10-15 things you would still like to do this year? Maybe a photography class, a meeting with someone you admire, ten days of no computers, creating something, spending time with loved ones:

Whatever it is that you feel you need to do in these final 50 days of 2013, write them down. Don’t go overboard: You still need to be able to have a life. Anything between 1o or 15 items is plenty.

Share them with me in the comments below, and let’s reconvene here tomorrow for the next assignment. GO TEAM.

*In my Reiki 1 course I learnt 8 hand positions you can do on yourself to treat yourself with reiki (energy). I know it sounds weird, but it’s really nice.

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  1. That’s one bright idea, I’m kinda having the same feeling about 2013, it was okay but not awesome or anything. Not in any way diffrent from all those other years, well maybe a little bit, but not that diffrent. Not the diffrent that I wanted it to be, so maybe, just maybe, it’s a great idea to go and make that list myself. But before I’ll say I’m in, I’ll have to do some thinking about what exactley I want to do, want to approach maybe. *Is thinking about it*

    1. Take all the time you need, Janine – obviously you don’t have to do it exactly how I do it or at the same time, however you want to approach it is fine! Good luck!

  2. I already love this series. My 2013 was pretty awesome although it has had quite some deep downfalls as well. But firstly I graduated, I went to France to follow one of my dreams (but came back deceived, let’s forget about that), I started at university, my life pretty much just changed the past few months, I ran my first race and I am still a runner, I lost some weight (and gained some, but hey), yeah on the overall a pretty good year.

    Things on my list: Improve my English and write an excellent paper for my studies. Complete NaNoWriMo, showing that I can actually finish a story. Run a 5K PR. Pay more attention to my friends. Go to a party and talk with strangers just because I bump into them (totally scary). Feel confident. Lose a little more weight or at least find back my healthy lifestyle. Blog three times a week. Go to the gym.

    Quite a list right? I’m not immediately saying I’m in, because maybe it’s too much, but this surely would make my 2013 a little More Awesome.

  3. Awesomepossum!

    I’ve had/am having a great year, but am still experiencing some troubles. Especially now when the days are getting darker and colder I find it hard to maintain my usually positive self. So I’m on board with trying to make these last 50 days more awesome.

    1. text my best friend (who’s having a really though time with her co-schappen) a nice message (almost) daily
    2. turn my soon to be new home/room into the cosiest place possible
    3. tackle the stupid inconvienient procrastination habit
    4. finish a paper at least a day before the deadline.
    5. sell all the furniture/stuff I won’t have room for in my new house. (declutter!!)
    6. Have a super fun weekend with the best highschool friends ever
    7. love the one day juice fest thing, so I’m stealing that one 🙂
    8. run 100 km (+/- 10km every 5 days)
    9. buy a nice pair of sexy heels and rock them
    10. Nourish my body daily with fresh fruits and veggies

    1. Aw Sandra, the first one is so sweet! She is lucky to have you, and yay for tackling procrastination. You’re going to do great!

  4. Ohhh I love this! 2013 was one hell of a year for me. I can honestly say I have never been as depressed as I have been this year, or as happy. I learned more not going to classes than I learned during my entire bachelor and have grown so much it makes my mind boggle.

    Lately I have been feeling a little bit more ‘meh’ and a little less ‘omfg I love my life and I’m going to hug a tree now’ and making an effort to end this year on a positive note sounds good. I will write a blogpost on the ‘challenge’ sometime soon, but for now I will say that there will have to be lots of Bikram (I’m thinking 30 classes in 50 days, just because I like the number 30 but don’t have enough time to fit a 30 day challenge in atm) and another 3 day juice fast. And at least one reunion-sleepover with my best friends with lots of Disney movies and a champagne breakfast.

    1. Are you kidding?! A 30 Bikram Classes in 50 days is an AWESOME goal as well, and that champagne breakfast sounds BRILLIANT (all the caps you feel me). I hope you do it, we can be Bikram&Champagne buddies.

  5. Okay, I’m definitely in. 2013 has been a great year for me in terms of travelling, volunteering, academic results, trying new things – but my social life deserves some more attention. So do my energy levels – there hasn’t been enough relaxed me-time, I think.
    My goals for the next 50 days are meeting up with at least 3 friends whom I haven’t seen very often this year, doing fun stuff with my classmates – Italian food – dinner dates, Christmas parties, ice skating, anything, reading 8 books (I’ve got a Goodreads Reading Challenge to complete and watching some movies. Oh, and I want to visit the Amsterdam Light Festival and Christmas section of the garden center (I don’t care I love it).
    I’m curious about your following posts!

  6. I love this idea 🙂 my 2013 has actually been one of the most awesome years ever, the positive changes I made during the self help summer school are still paying off. Still, I love projects like these. So I’m in!

    My list:
    – Read the book ‘how to write a lot’ and try practicing what it says. For my studies I have to write tons, and since I want to continue with a PhD this will only get more. I need to make writing a habit, make it less scary. Get some confidence. I know that if I put in this effort I can be a totally awesome scientist, so let’s do it sooner rather than later 🙂
    – Spend a day together with my friend T. to go through all of the pictures on our computers and order some in print. We’ve been talking about doing this for like a year now and I’m really looking forward to it, so we should just actually set a date and do it.
    – Keep writing in my gratitude journal daily. There were periods in 2013 that I totally neglected my gratitude journal, but for the last weeks I’ve been doing it every evening again and that feels awesome, so I want to keep this up 🙂
    – Start flossing my teeth again. Boring, but I really should do it and I haven’t done it for ages.
    – Stop lurking on all of my favorite blogs and start commenting again 😉
    – Get those organizer baskets that I want to make our study tidy. I love organising my closets/desk etc.

    1. forgot something(s)!

      – go for a run together with my friend M. to see how it goes 🙂 and who knows, if we like it, maybe more often?
      – keep making nice walks through the forests around my house, at least once a week, even though it’s getting colder now.

    2. You’ve been doing so well this year, Elise – I’m so proud. Your goals for the last bit of the year sound great too. That book sounds cool, is it something I would enjoy?

      1. Well, it’s really focused on academic writing. From what I heard (both of my supervisors read the book + recommended it to me) it mainly has some general obvious hints, like ‘make it a habit’, that just help you get over the initial threshold of sitting down and opening your document. Still, the setting is very much the academic world, with datasets that have been sitting on your computer far too long and that need to be published, peer review, etc. I’ll report back when I read it 🙂

        1. You know, I occasionally have to deal with academic writing and the academic world too – so that’s why I asked. If you could report back that would be great!

  7. I had a pretty lousy year so I could use ending things in a positive note. I consider myself quite good at making lists of things I want to do but a things to do in 50 days list is more difficult and I could not come up with even one after reading this post so will sit down for this and write it down.

  8. For me the year has been one of some ups and a lot of very deep downs. Mentally it has been a struggle. But there are some things I want to accomplish before the end:

    – Celebrate my 26th bday with friends and family
    – Finish my big copywriting assignment on time
    – Read two books (at least)
    – Do some things I’ve been putting of (private)
    – Finish our kitchen, living room and stairs
    – Hire a graphic designer for my website
    – Visit a gym
    – Find the perfect work-life balance
    – Fancy dinner with my boyfriend
    – Get a new doctor and dentist

  9. If you are looking for a great techno party, you should consider Sven Vath on december 27th in the Concertgebouw(!). It is in Amsterdam, but I think it will be totally worth it. 🙂

  10. Love the post, love the list, love you. I’m gonna sit down this afternoon to really think about it, but I really want to finish 3 French books before the end of this year. And number 10 on your list obviously.

  11. This is such a great idea, I’m definitely in 😀 my list consists of just under 10 things, including surprising my Mum with flowers & making and uploading at least one video. The notebook I’m using to write all this down is nowhere near to me so I only gave you the two examples that came up in my mind immediately…

    X Rosanne

  12. I love this idea! I’m in!

    My year was pretty hectic, however if i look back i would say it was a very important year for my development. My life completely changed this year and i did pretty good dealing with that change. I feel like i really made a step forward in 2013.

    My list of things i still want to do in 2013:
    – Pass my last 2 courses of my master
    – Have a first draft ready of my literature review of my thesis
    – Hang up a lamp, curtains, paint my bedroom wall, buy some new furniture from ikea
    – Clean out all my closets, drawers, cabinets etc.
    – Put all the stuff online that i want to sell or give it away to friends/second-hand store

    So that’s my list! I am quite happy that it’s not long and there are no really unrealistic goal on it. It should be doable :). Then i can start 2014 completely fresh!

  13. I LOVE THIS! I’m quite shocked, only 50 DAYS?!

    My list:
    – Spend time with old friends.
    – Spend time with new friends.
    – Activate my Albert Heijn bonuskaart.
    – Sign up for the gym (or find another way to excercise). Get my ass off the couch.
    – Lose 4 to 6 pounds (at least, but without getting obsessed with it).
    – Spend time with my parents.
    – Bring all my old clothes and (unworn) shoes to charity.
    – Have a nice day out with L.
    – Keep up with school.
    – Write fun blogposts, and comment on every nice blogpost I ‘run’ into.
    – Start training for the ladies run, if my body allows me to.

    I have the feeling that I forget some important stuff, but this is all I can think of right now.

  14. This year has not been especially fabulous, so I’m in. Here’s da list:

    Buy that Black Cat Tarot set I’ve had my eye on and finally start learning the tarot.
    Finish the rough draft of the second half of my novel.
    Is it too late to start NaNoWriMo? There’s 17 days left. Hmmm.
    Meditate for five minutes each day. There’s enough resources on Youtube to help me with this.
    Save enough money to buy the Hudl that I want before December 25th.
    Buy a cheap juicer and use it every day.
    Do all the experiments in, ‘E-Squared: Nine Do It Yourself Experiments.’
    Pracitce mindfulness.
    Incorporate SET into my daily routine.
    Start up my daily gratitude lists and practice abundance.
    Not obsess so much. As Danielle Laporte asserts, I’ll figure it out.

  15. yes hi okay dude man i could not be more excited about doing this in fact i was so excited to tell you how excited i am about this that i had to write this comment before even reading your list. and there are no comma’s in that sentence because i’m so excited also. ugh. so excited. perfect way to make 2013 – a very generally ‘meh’ year for me too – a little better. also lists and assignments are just yes. yes. getting to work right now. (after reading your list because interesting.)

  16. This is such a wake-up call, but it’s a great idea!

    My list (not in particular order):

    1. Have an awesome night out with friends. A night out that you’ll remember for ages and refer to many times in terms like: ‘remember when?’
    2. Read a book. For fun, not studies. At least 1, preferably several.
    3. Love the one-day juice fest, so putting that one on the list.
    4. Eat healthy in general.
    5. Declutter my room.
    6. Work out more and do a pilates class, always wanted to do that.
    7. Make plans for my trip to Morocco in January.
    8. Find a job, it can be just a temporary one, but one that is preferably in my field of work so i can get more work experience.
    9. Watch a serious (maybe oscar-winning) movie. Explanation: I normally watch tv series or chick flick movies, so I decided its time to grow up a bit and also start watch at least 1 serious movie.
    10. Write my master thesis. For real this time.

    Okay maybe nr.10 should really be nr.1 even though I said it’s not in particular order 😉

    1. This is a great list! Good on ya, mate. And good luck with the Master Thesis. Those things can be a bitch. 😉

  17. Femke zei dat je 50-dagending tof was, dus aangezien jullie elkaar zo lopen te promoten en ik een volgzaam typje ben, ga ik daar dan maar in mee.

    Ik moet zeggen dat ik het lastig vind, die twee opdrachten tot nu toe. Ik ga ze wel proberen te doen (want opdrachten, challenges, alles, guilty pleasure yay!), maar mijn jaar was best wel oké in vergelijking voorgaande jaren (kut, kutter, klote). Er gebeurde in ieder geval van alles en mijn leven is nu stukken beter dan een jaar geleden – ook al ben ik op sommige vlakken eigenlijk niet zo veel opgeschoten uiteindelijk.

    Goed, ik pak de emmerlijst erbij:

    – Ohja larpen staat erop! Maar daar is het weer nu niet naar
    – Hm. De rest is niet heel erg haalbaar of heb ik nu geen zin in
    – M’n zusje en haar vriend helpen met klussen in hun nieuwe huis
    – Al mijn vriendinnen zien (soms zit er TE lang tussen)
    – Een halve marathon kiezen om voor te trainen
    – Mijn moeder, stiefvader en schoonouders uitnodigen voor het eten
    – Twee Sinterklaassurprises maken
    – Zelf een challengedinges verzinnen en hopen dat mensen meedoen. Niet per se dit jaar (het barst van de challenges momenteel), maar ik kan er in ieder geval een verzinnen

    Een beetje een lame lijst, maar ehh tja.

    En ik wil even zeggen dat ik het leuk (?) vind om te zien hoe je in/na je blugh-periode toch manieren verzint om jezelf eruit te trekken en bezig te houden. Het is zoveel makkelijker om te gaan zitten zaniken en jezelf zielig zitten vinden, maar dat trek ik nog slechter (van andere mensen dan he? Zelf kan ik het heel goed) dan sommige zweverigheid die mij boven m’n pet gaat. Dussehmm chapeau.

    1. Chill dat je leven beter is en ik vind je compliment van “beter zweverig gedoe dan in de put blijven zitten” zowel touching als hilarisch. Lekker nuchter ding dat je ben!

  18. I love the idea. My year started horrible and it is just beginning to get a tiny bit beter. I already started a small list, so I just have to add some things. That will be a nice task for today.

    1. Sorry to hear your year wasn’t great, I hope it’s only upwards for the last of 2013 (and 2014) from hereonout. All the best to you!

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  20. What A nice idea, What I still wanna do this year is going to the zoo with the boyfriend (I can mark it as done this sunday, we set the date :D), Organise my computer, the rest i have to think about a little bit more but love your idea

  21. Get back on the healthy eating track – celebrate my last weeks as a student (following classes, ignoring the thesis) – spend time with my boyfriend and spoil him because he’s the best – go to your workshop – go to the gym for fitness and classes – sort my finances – spend time with my friends – do the f-ing dishes every day.

  22. Yay! Someone else who knows about Nano ^_^. Unfortunately I’m not able to do it this year; with three exams coming up in December and working three days a week I’m all set haha. So some other goals for me then:

    1. Practice pilates twice a week
    2. Start up running again and this time do not get discouraged by friends laughing at how bad I still am
    3. Finish all master courses and start up thesis
    4. Have a game night with friends (monopoly, risk.. yay!)
    5. Finish two books for fun
    6. Cook for my parents
    7. Maybe finally start up that blog I’ve been dreaming about for years..

  23. Sinds gisteren ben ik begonnen met het lezen van de artikelen op je blog. Heerlijke en super handige artikelen schrijf je. Ik zie dit nu pas, maar ik doe zeker mee. Ik ga straks gelijk een lijst maken. En voor de rest alle artikelen van jou die ik nog te lezen heb, lekker lezen. Heerlijk begin van mijn dag zo! Xx

  24. Inmiddels is het nog maar 31 dagen en hoewel ik het een heel tof idee vind, doe ik niet mee. Ik kan mezelf er niet toe zetten en ik geloof ook niet dat het nog goed kan komen met dit jaar.